Saturday, November 7, 2015

Speech 101

Naomi's words are here. And my here I mean always. Constant. Questions, statements, questions, statements, statements that need affirming, statements that need translating, and everywhere, all the time she finds, "ABCs!!!"

And I love it. Jim loves it. It's fascinating to watch her memory of words and meanings develop and for her to use them correctly after a 2-3 day break from the word's lesson. And sometimes the prunouncation can sound so terribly obscene that it's either an immediate, long lesson until she gets it right, or a vow to never use that word for the next 6 months and hope she forgets it. Usually the latter. But most of the time that little baby tongue develops her own wittle way of saying sumpin...and it's basically the cutest thing my ears have ever heard and I hope she'll never say it differently. Yes, I know it would be annoying to have a teenager ask if the dog wears socks a billion times a day or to say, "Hans! Hans!" when she needs to clean her hands... but don't remind me that this stocky little human with gapped baby teeth, a rollicking gait, and stinky but still kissable feet is growing. I AM WELL AWARE, OKAY?!!!

Me, quietly: Hey little girly. You slept in.
Her: ...squinty stare...little grin.
Me: It's so nice and quiet and dark and warm... I understand why.
Her: ... stretch...bigger grin.
Me: I'm glad you're so warm. Winter is coming fast.
Her:...scrambles to sit up.
Me: You don't have to get up. You can take it easy. I'm going to pick out your clothes.

Her: Clothes? Naomi's clothes? Naomi's airplane Mommy, passy (pacifier)? Mommy, blankets? Mommy, slippers? Edel slippers? Uh-oh! Socks! Uh-oh socks! UH-OH SOCKS!! Uh-oh, ankle okay? HEY EDEL! Edel socks? Edel jacket? Naomi's jacket! Annie! Annie's a nakey baby! Naomi poo-poo? No, no, no! Naomi's apple socks? Naomi applesauce? Edel applesauce? Mommy applesauce? Daddy? Daddy work. Daddy work!! Hee hee. Elijah peek-a-boo? Naomi peek-a-boo! Edel-peek-a-boo!

Me: ... ... ...

It's the best run-on conversation EVER.


Meryl said...

Well....if her dad had never said things differently he'd still be saying "pasghetti" and "big bites" for grapefruit. I think they'd make fun of him on the base. :-)

Ted said...

.... and singing the "doop up the yogurt song"!