Saturday, February 8, 2014


During the month of September, Alisa and Jeff flew up to New England and we drove to Acadia National Park. Actually, we headed towards the Freeman house to spend the night first, Jim's truck broke down, made some changes in our plans, got to their house and ate lobster, went to church with them the next day, then they came to the park with us and helped us set up their camper that they were letting us borrow, along with lending us Ted's brand-spanking-new pickup. Unknown to us, they were already planning on lending us the truck (the camper was already in the plan). Unselfish people are great to know, you know?

But "we drove to Acadia" is a lot easier to say so that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

It. Was. Too. Much. Fun.

Family vacations where the family members actually gee and haw are great. Actually... looking back... I've had very few family vacations that didn't gee and haw.

We know Amy. Your life has been rainbows and blue skies. We get it.




Jeff and Alisa, when it comes to vacation, are like us. We're on vacation. Let's kind of plan on maybe going on a bike ride tomorrow. Sounds good. We'll pack a lunch? Sure. And tonight, let's just eat out. Okay! We were thinking hot dogs for dinner? Sweetness. And do y'all want to hike sometime this week? If y'all do, sure! Let's sit by the fire for two hours first. I'm way ahead of you.

We go home relaxed after these type of vacations.

We camped at Bass Harbor Lights which is on the island of Acadia, but not in the park. Which was fine. It was a great site. And they had great bathrooms. And there was hardly anyone there. Which makes for an even greater experience. This is why you don't see us heading to Universal Studios for vacation. TOO MANY PEOPLE.

On the way up, we had stopped at THE L.L. Bean store in Maine to buy two more pie irons. And while we were camping, we learned the beauty of these contraptions. Grilled cheeses. Breakfast sandwiches. Pizzas. Maybe even possibly a better smore experience! It's hard to do when it's dark because you really have to see your food to know if it's at that state of perfected grilledness. But, oh when it is... Burned tongues and fingers don't matter!

She's such a cutie patootie. And I don't care what Jeff says. I like your pajama pants.

Acadia's trails are incredibly beautiful. If you ever get the chance to go, do it!

To get all of our bikes in the truck, this was the process. Tires had to come off and then (obviously) get put back on. Jim would have to be in the truck to pull them in... and then worm his way out. Alisa gets the all time cycling award because her wheel was put on wrong and she pedaled the whole 8 miles (many of them uphill) without a complaint. She could barely even coast! We all felt pretty bad when we realized what was wrong

Jim hoped that if he stood there long enough, he would get painted into the picture.

This is Jim again... forgetting that not only does he have a wife who needs him, but that he has a wife with child.

This is my best friend. And what I thought (at the time) was an obvious belly bump.

 I know I will not be able to express what I'm about to type adequately. Jeff and Alisa, the sweetness y'all gave us during this trip was overwhelming. I don't know why God decided to put y'all through the trial of infertility. I don't know why He allowed us to conceive so quickly. I beg and plead to Him daily, sometimes fighting anger, to give you a baby. I don't understand. And it grieves me that He has decided to continue the wait for you. Yet... through all of this wretched disappointment, your resilience, your trust in Christ, the quick drying of tears, the quiet hearts and attitudes have blown Jim and I away. We ache with you. And we grow closer to God because of you. Not to say that your trial was for our sanctification. But... God has used it for us as well. We love y'all so very very much and continue to lift up your desires to Him every single day. And I'm praying specifically for twins.

 This is for Alisa because she thinks toes are gross... and she really hates it when people give "two toes way way up!"

Jeff talking about the first time he saw Alisa... and Alisa talking about when she finally realized that it was Jeff all along. They are so cute.

And so, we spent several days there and loved it. We even bought matching t-shirts. I'm dead serious.
The End.

P.S. I'm sorry. This post is seriously lacking in memories. But that's what happens when you blog 4 months AFTER an event.


Ted said...

Maine! The way life should be!

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Welcome back