Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ryan and Eleanor... and chore lists.

Next big life event.

While we were on the sailing trip mentioned in my last post (actually, only two days after setting sail), my brother called my parents. Eleanor, the love of his life, had said yes! He was engaged and, understandably, he couldn't wait for us to get back to share his news, out of country cell phone fees be darned!

It was wonderful. This little lady had been a true support to him over the last year of his life. Ryan had found the helpmate for his life. She accepted him for who he was, built him up when he wanted to tear himself down, and basically, fought off one of my brother's biggest hurdles in life: low self-esteem. That makes my brother sound like he has been in some huge pit of depression. Au contraire! Ryan has always been the happy go-lucky, crowd winning, talk-up-a-storm, entertaining knucklehead of the family. But when it came to his own accomplishments, he struggled with doubt before even beginning them. While he dated Eleanor, our whole family watched as she would lift him up, press him on, and not let him sink back down. Praise God for her.

Granted, we were a little concerned about their financial situation, but we knew many people who had married with less... so, congratulations you two!!

What's that? You've set a date? Oh wonderful! When?
In six weeks? Oh. Wow.
At Mom and Dad's house?
Okay. That is just wonderful. We love y'all! Bye.

I could already see the chore list being formed in my Mom's head. Thirty seconds after the hang-up and she probably had at least, oh, 57 things she could think of that she needed to do at home. Great. A once in a life vacation and Mom was making a chore list. You see, my parents... that's what they do. They had six kids, got a big piece of land and started making chore lists. Forever and ever, amen. I don't really remember a Saturday where my Mom didn't greet us in the morning without one on the counter, or my Dad NOT calling from the station with, "Okay, let me talk to a son. I've thought of some chores." Yay. We LOVE chores.

I looked at her and said, "Mom. Let it go. Eleanor's family is responsible for most of the planning. You're on vacation anyway.
She was like, "Amy!! They are having it at OUR house. In six weeks! When we get back from this trip, I'll only have five weeks!"
Me: "Mom. Stop. The house is already beautiful because you keep it that way. Don't go overboard with what you want to do. And for now, you are in the Virgin Islands for a week. You can't get back to start mopping, so let it go."

Ryan and Eleanor, I love y'all. But your timing on dropping THAT bomb on Mom was a little inconvenient.

So, we sailed and I think she really did let it go. Mostly. Every now and then I caught her tearing up because she was overwhelmed by her chore list... but I would kiss her cheek and ask if she was having fun and she would nod, smile, and stop adding onto her list.

May 11, 2013.
We were back in Alabama and lo and behold, the place was beautiful. I never doubted my parents. Ryan too had put extra work into the place, planting extra green grass at the ceremony site and even a lush, green aisle for his beloved to walk on. Lanterns were hung in the trees with care, planks placed across log pieces for pews, and tables, tablecloths, cakes, candles, chairs and everything you need for a wedding was arranged.
It was a sweet, sweet ceremony. The joining of two, true Christians always is.

Caleb, like he has in all three of his siblings' weddings, cried like a baby. We all miss him so much way
up in Oregon.


The weather started off foggy that morning. The air was soaking wet and the sky overcast. The number of prayers that must have gone up was evident, because the "sun came out and dried up all the rain" at 11:00. Now it was humid. Typically humid for Alabama and I think everyone realized they had only been praying for sun... and started praying again. At exactictocaly 2:00 pm, as the grandmothers walked down the grassy aisle, a beautiful breeze started blowing and remained for the rest of the day.
Isn't God kind?

Trying to obey the command to laugh. And failing miserably. I think my husband is trying to be Santa Claus.

And so, they were wed. Two became one and the females in the Porter clan are now only outnumbered by one.


Ted said...

Welcome to the clan Eleanor! Can I do that....I'm kind of in the clan now, aren't I?

Anna said...

Yay for another blog!

Amy said...

Ted, you are more than part of the clan. :)

elliebird said...

Wow...major guilt trip goin' on in Tennessee.