Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Feet that are there

Yesterday, I was taking care of an 87 year old woman. She was in the "alert and confused" stage. Meaning, she totally knew where she was, who she was, but... she didn't trust the clock on the wall. Or the bed to hold her up.

"You see that clock?"
"Well, I don't trust it."
"Why not?"
"Well, at my age, I've learned you can't trust everything."
"But why the clock?"
"I just don't believe it! It's probably wrong."
"What times does your wristwatch say?"
...looks at watch...looks at clock...looks at watch...
"Well... okay. I guess I'll believe it."

Later, while changing her sheets:
"This bed is just going to fall down. With me in it!"
"No, the bed is very sturdy. It won't let you down."
"Well, I don't trust it!"
"Why not?"
"At my age, I've learned you can't trust everything."

But most of all, she wanted to go back home.
"Oh! My feet are so cold! I miss my husband's feet."
"Are his feet really warm and help keep your's warm?"
"No.... they're just... there."


Meryl said...

Awww....that's really sweet!

Ted said...

I understand....my wife loves my feet too.......