Monday, January 21, 2013

Hi! I'm an airhead and I'll be your nurse today!

For those of you who aren't nurses and don't know this, I attempt to explain the sometimes utter confusion that is shift change.

You are receiving detailed information on five people, all of whom are in different rooms, have different problems, social details, health history, quirks, oddities, some are alert and oriented, others are confused as all get out and are, as we speak, attempting to leave the unit on their very unsteady legs.
Also, we are short an aide, so you will need to check the three of your five's blood sugars. And treat them with insulin before breakfast gets here. Oh wait, it already is here. Sorry.

Also, room 322 wants pain medicine. Like, yesterday. So, she hates you already. And Dr. ____ called and wants you to call him with room 324 hematocrit as soon as lab gets it. And room 318's daughter is on the phone and wants you to update her.

So, having said all of that... please understand the embarrassing mistake I'm about to tell you.

I had two more patients to stick my head in on and say "Hi, I'm Amy, I'll be your nurse until 7pm, is there anything I can do for you?" I THOUGHT I was sticking my head in on the patient who had a very strange last name.

"Good morning! Okay, before I slaughter your name, can you tell me how to say it?"
The 70+ gentleman peered back and me and hesitated. Then his eyes twinkled.

"Smith," he said, very carefully, so that I would catch the full pronunciation. "Bill Smith, actually. It's a pretty easy name."

I could have died.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In honor of the monster

As I approach my "It's Been Two Months Since You've Blogged" anniversary, I realize (I believe I've confessed this before) that I start to panic when I haven't kept you all updated. Several conversations/events have occurred since November 17 that I want to put on here... but then I go, "But I haven't talked about that other event yet!" It's like there is some kind of Chronological Monster that watches me as I type.
"Amy. Don't tell them what you did on Saturday. You haven't written about the events of Friday."

Thus. I just don't write.

Well.... NO MORE!! I am going to try to run that monster out of the house every time he starts to talk. I can do this!!

However, here are some pictures of Christmas in Alabama and Thanksgiving in Maine. In no particular order as I attempt to slay said monster, but still being posted in honor of it. 

In Alabama, we all drove to the airport and picked up Caleb flying in from Oregon at midnight. The three boys were happy.

As were my parents.

My mother makes bee-yoo-ti-full Christmas wreaths. I helped make some.

Oh! My husband put lights up on the two pointy trees outside of our own home. It was a surprise to come home from work to lights up and on outside!

I decorated Edel and she grudgingly posed in front of the Deer Isle Christmas tree. 
Isn't she too cute? I did not, however, buy her a Christmas present. My sister-in-law and mother-in-law, however, DID get her Christmas presents.

My in-laws bought the biggest tree ever and we helped put it up over Thanksgiving.

 The tree topper, even thought it was a star, felt scared waaaay up there....

... and kept trying to come down.

My mom started a new tradition of Whit Elephant/Dirty Santa/Yankee Swap at the Alabama house. This is the priceless picture of everyone "being excited" about their gifts. 

We played with guns in Alabama. Actually, we played with them in Maine, too.

We sat around and talked and laughed.

We watched Rhett and Link on YouTube.

We ate... get ready... EIGHTEEN pounds of shrimp. Yes. Eighteen pounds.

This is what you do after eating eighteen pounds of shrimp. Just sit there and look at each other and hold your belly. And in Anna's case, stick your napkin in your mouth for the picture. Asa sadly pointed out that I wasn't sitting with him... thus our teamship must be over. Alisa mentioned that Pepaw had always been her eating teammate... and we all kind of realized that the competition that had silently formed years ago was over. Maybe when there are more spouses and children, new teams will arise. But for now, we'll just chow down alone.

My grandmother, with more than a few tears, went through her first Christmas in 65 years without her husband. My dad, with a few moments of silent, studied remembrance, went through his first in 59 years without a father. And Pepaw was too recently gone for anyone to quote his famous Christmas line: "Don't open it, sugah! You'll lose all your little pahts!" 

We shot more guns. Jim wore his Santa hat.

And more.

We ate lobster in Maine. Yummy. I learned my mother-in-law does feel bad about cooking them alive. I had never heard her mention it so I had always assumed she was just hard-hearted. :)

Edel did not like the lobsters.

We went for some beautiful walks on the coast of Deer Isle. So many islands...

Apparently, the only pictures I took up there were some on the walk, and then a bunch of their tree!

But, once up, it was surely beautiful.

Twister, for the first time in who knows how long, was pulled out.

Jim told us that we played it too nice. He said that we are supposed to TRY to get to the easy spot before the other person so that they will have to reach further. He demonstrated what he meant.

So, you could say, I LEARNED how to play Twister.