Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The "h" word

It has been over three months since I've seen a Porter. Skype doesn't count.

And it's hard.

And it hurts.

Sometimes, my throat closes up when I'm just standing at the sink and I have to struggle to catch my breath.

Other times, I don't struggle. I sit down and I cry and blow my nose.

There. I said it.

Sweet family, this is not me trying to make you feel guilty to buy an expensive plane ticket up to see me. I'm not saying you don't call me enough, email me enough, or pay me enough attention. I could call you all more.

You've probably noticed that I don't talk about being homesick as much as you thought I would. It's because I can't. Just saying "I miss you" has me secretly fighting tears.

And don't worry about me. This isn't an all-day, everyday battle. Jim and I are making friends, I'm starting my new job, the weather is still beautiful, and the puppy is more fun than irritating, now! But I ache for a Porter hug.

So please, hug each other tonight for me.
And Caleb, Lord willing, we will all be together at Christmas.

I cannot wait.


Ted said...

I hugged some Porters tonight...I'll bring those hugs to you in a couple of weeks. A sweet family indeed - a privilege and a joy to count them all as part of my family.
Love you,
Dad II

Alisa said...

little did we know...

Chelsea said...

I know I'm definitely not as far as you are... but I went home this weekend, and it just made me more homesick.
Family is the best!

elliebird said...

"the Lord sure do work in misstereous ways."