Thursday, September 27, 2012

Because he's Jim

I just realized I never mentioned that my husband, because he is sweet and puts much effort into surprises for me, surprised me with an early birthday present on Labor Day weekend. 

Tickets to Wicked on Broadway! Augh!! I couldn't believe it! I've always wanted to see it and now we were actually going!!

We were already on Long Island for a wedding that weekend, so we drove on up to the city, got a hotel, and pretended like we knew all about city living. I also met all the super heroes, since NYC is the only place a super hero can live, apparently.

Anyway, Wicked. It was excellent! I am 99% sure I grinned the whole way through it. And I wondered ... what happens when an actor falls into the orchestra pit? Thankfully, the people around us were quiet when they were supposed to be quiet, laughed when they were supposed to laugh, didn't wear any heady cologne, or have tiny bladders. Thank you, people around us. Also, people don't dress up for a Broadway. It was shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops all around! I mean, WE didn't wear such peasant clothing, but there were SOME people.... tsk.

It was TOTALLY Wicked! And James is the best.


Ted said...

Jim also has excellent taste in choosing a wife.

Meryl said...

Sounds wicked fun!

Chelsea said...

Ah!!! Wicked is so so so wonderful!!
I bet it was just incredible on broadway!!