Thursday, September 27, 2012

Because he's Jim

I just realized I never mentioned that my husband, because he is sweet and puts much effort into surprises for me, surprised me with an early birthday present on Labor Day weekend. 

Tickets to Wicked on Broadway! Augh!! I couldn't believe it! I've always wanted to see it and now we were actually going!!

We were already on Long Island for a wedding that weekend, so we drove on up to the city, got a hotel, and pretended like we knew all about city living. I also met all the super heroes, since NYC is the only place a super hero can live, apparently.

Anyway, Wicked. It was excellent! I am 99% sure I grinned the whole way through it. And I wondered ... what happens when an actor falls into the orchestra pit? Thankfully, the people around us were quiet when they were supposed to be quiet, laughed when they were supposed to laugh, didn't wear any heady cologne, or have tiny bladders. Thank you, people around us. Also, people don't dress up for a Broadway. It was shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops all around! I mean, WE didn't wear such peasant clothing, but there were SOME people.... tsk.

It was TOTALLY Wicked! And James is the best.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


For those of you who didn't know already, Jim and I are official dog-owners. You see, when we married, we discussed getting a dog. He wanted a German Shepherd. I wanted a Golden Retriever. But as time wore on, I realized he wanted a German Shepherd more than I wanted a Golden Retriever. So, I  slowly gave up my thoughts on a smiling, sunshine dog. Now I had to come to grips with the idea that Jim wanted: an inside dog.

In all and total fairness to my husband, he never once pushed me about it. He realized that a clean house was my domain and that the thought of house-training a dog and sweeping up dog hair for years was rather daunting. So, though he would have gone out and bought one had I merely nodded, he just waited for me to be okay with it.

To be perfectly honest, I'm still not okay with it, but I love Jim more than I do my house... thus.

A couple of weeks ago, I let his mom know that I was secretly on the look for one for Jim's upcoming birthday. Did she have any suggestions as to where to look? Please know that the Freeman family have had Germans for years. I didn't really think about this. And asking her for help was like asking my Dad for help to find a new car. Within one day I had multiple emails with multiple phone numbers, pictures, and questions. His sister, who also has a German, sent me a lot of information too. It was awesome. And overwhelming. Suddenly I realized I didn't know exactly how to do this.
Then Meryl called and said, "We found one in the paper. She's a black puppy and is only a hour and a half away from here. Give me the word and we'll go and get her!"
Please know an entire 36 hours and gone by since I had thought, "Okay. I think I want to get a puppy for Jim. And I think I'm okay with it being in the house."

AUGH!!! Too fast!!! (Meryl and Jennifer, please know that your help was amazing and I'm thankful for it!)

End of surprise. I told Jim the plans, of the help, and about the puppy. He grinned, kissed me, and after talking about it, we gave the green light to his parents and planned a weekend trip up to Maine.

Enter Edelweiss. 

She was getting along well in her Maine home. She had learned (sorta kinda) to not mess with the cat. I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned my in-laws cat on here before, but if so, oh well. He is a terror. He hunts trolls and ogres for fun and hates all dogs. Except Seebar, the one with whom he shares a house. He comes when you call him, walks on a leash, and knows his curfew. Pretty much the best cat ever. 

Anyway, back to Edelweiss. This is her with Seebar. After two days of watching all that needs doing to house train a puppy I had a small, teensy-weensy break-down one night after going to bed. I wasn't sure if I was ready for an inside dog, I didn't want to do blank, I couldn't do blank, I WASN'T going to do blank.... blah blah blah. I asked Jim what he was thinking. He said, "Amy, as unlike you as this is, I think you're being a little dramatic." Which just made me mad because I knew he was right. Don't you just hate it when others are right? Argh! He quickly apologized for his insensitivity and the drama queen calmed down.

We went out on their boat for a three-hour tour....

I mean!!... boat ride around some of the many island off the coast of Maine. It was lovely.
We saw seals! Real, wild seals, that didn't live in a zoo!

My father-in-law barked at them so we could see them "walk" off the rocks to get into the ocean. It was hilarious. Kind of like a really... large person trying to do the caterpillar.

Some of the kids that live out on the islands have to take the ferry everyday to school because there aren't any bridges out to their homes. Can you imagine taking a boat to get to the grocery store?

Their house looks out on a cove. This was an early morning shot that Jim took. Can you believe that is the ocean? It was so smooth.

Okay, one more shot of our wittle puppy and I'll leave. And please know that she is doing really well and I am doing much better now that I have my anxiety medicine.

 Just kidding about the medicine.