Friday, August 10, 2012

Vermont gorge

During a trip to Vermont for a wedding, Jim took me to the gorge that he swam in as a boy. We intended on camping, but tut tut! It looked like rain!  So we decided to plan a more official trip later and go to the gorge. This was one of the spots that I have wanted to see ever since my husband talked about  his boyhood swims. And it was very beautiful. 

My husband tried to convince me to come in. He said it wasn't that bad once you get use to it. However, I saw how his entire body flushed red when he jumped in, so I said very sweetly, "Maybe next time."

He said it was like a water treadmill. He couldn't find the bottom. I really didn't want him to try.

I lerv him. A whole bunches.


Ted said...

Fond memories of the gorge! Now I wish I had gone with y'all. Is there still a place where you have to dive down under water to come up behind a waterfall?

Anna said...

whoa...that place looks perty sweet.

Amy said...

Jim tried... but he said that when he got right under the waterfall it was so dark, loud, and disorienting... he realized he should probably wait and do it WITH someone.

Sarah W K said...

the picture of him hanging on for dear life as the water rushes around him made me laugh out loud. your husband seems so adventerous! :)