Thursday, August 23, 2012

dramatic reading

Monday, I mowed our grass. 

That is all.

No, wait!! Come back!! I'll give you a horse! (name the movie?)

So, yes, I mowed our new lawn. It was getting pretty ragged and I didn't want our new neighbors to assume that we didn't care about the appearance of our yard. So, I filled up the tank and attempted to crank it on Thursday. Nope. Jim came home and told me that the fuel was probably old and he would have to siphon it out and put fuel stabilizer in it and the same goes for the other mower. So, no mowing on Friday as he couldn't do it Thursday  night. I peered from our windows all day Friday, just knowing that every neighbor that walked by was hating our guts. How dare we destroy the appearance of this place! 

So, Friday evening, he fixes it and we swear an oath to get up early and mow. Saturday morning came and we did not get up early. But, that's because it rained all day.

So, Monday. Forget tag-teaming! I'm doing this! With my single-lane, push mower! I dressed up like Rosie the Riveter and got started!

And continued.

Still pushing.

Getting dirty.

Take a break. Now go back out and keep going.
Getting blisters.

Getting stinky.

Getting tired. Lunch break.

It's never going to be done.

Why did I decide to do this?!!

I wish I could die!!

Oh. I'm done. That only took six hours.
However, I cannot be done. You see, right after lunch, I walked back out and 'click.' Lovely. I thought back to that morning. I remembered my husband saying, "I'll be late today because our flight isn't until the afternoon." As if on cue, as I frantically jiggled the doorknob, the familiar drone of his plane roared overhead. I ran out of the garage and waved, wishing I could send up flares. "Help me! I'm an idiot and locked myself out of the house! Please land ASAP and come let me in! I can't make supper from the yard!"

So, I edged the sidewalk, weeded the flower beds, and was about to start sweeping the driveway, when he pulled up. And it wasn't late at all! I knew this because I had walked around and tried all the windows and doors and realizing it was useless, had resigned myself to occasionally peering through the deck door at the kitchen clock. He said the plane had broken which, obviously, cut their flight time short. Thank you, God! Breaking the plane was a little dramatic, but thank you! 

It was a long day and I slept very good, no longer afraid of malicious neighbors.

P.S. Please know that we are not in any danger from our neighbors. Any warmongering I mentioned is  imagined. In fact, the ones we have met are lovely.

P.P.S We only have to cut our grass 4 times a year. So, my complaining is really null and void.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

beef tartare

Yesterday was Julia Child's 100th birthday. She got a Google doodle in honor of it (actually, that's the only reason I knew it was her 100th birthday).

There was a David Letterman video with her as a guest. It is hilarious. And gross.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Vermont gorge

During a trip to Vermont for a wedding, Jim took me to the gorge that he swam in as a boy. We intended on camping, but tut tut! It looked like rain!  So we decided to plan a more official trip later and go to the gorge. This was one of the spots that I have wanted to see ever since my husband talked about  his boyhood swims. And it was very beautiful. 

My husband tried to convince me to come in. He said it wasn't that bad once you get use to it. However, I saw how his entire body flushed red when he jumped in, so I said very sweetly, "Maybe next time."

He said it was like a water treadmill. He couldn't find the bottom. I really didn't want him to try.

I lerv him. A whole bunches.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

New home again, home again, jiggity jig!

Again, it's been too long in between postings. It isn't that I "don't have anything to write about." I enjoy writing about the normal, everyday things. And obviously, those kind of things happen... everyday. But I let too many of those normal days pass and I'm overwhelmed with all that I haven't written about and I feel like I've let my adoring masses down and that intimidates me into more days of silence and then when I actually start typing all I can produce are these panicked run-ons!!

Please know that my "adoring masses" is typed in complete and total sarcasm.

Probably the biggest news is that we have moved. And I mean we really moved. The Coast Guard decided that Cape Cod, MA is where Jim's next rotation would be so we packed our house and drove up here. For all of you who know me, you know that I get very sentimental over "lasts." God was gracious and granted me a very surreal calm as I packed up our first home,  hugged many precious friends, sat under Dr. Lawson for the "last" time, and drove away.

I'll miss our sunny breakfast nook,

the surprise afternoon thunderstorms, 

and so many different precious moments that Mobile gave us.

The goodbyes to my siblings were not so easy. The dry eyes in Mobile did not last. I shed many tears as I bear hugged Ryan, Anna, and Alisa. Thankfully, we live in the days of facebook, Skype, email, texting, cell phones, and airlines and not in the days of wagons pulled by oxen, no air conditioning, the Pony Express, and wild saloons. I don't know how wild saloons is a part of bear hugging family members but the Pony Express just led me to it.

Thank YOU, God for parents who both desire to help and are capable! My parents surprised us with a last minute offer to drive up with us and stay for several days and then fly back. Yes!! It helped brake up the boredom of driving alone (haha.... brake and driving! get it?).

We arrived late Tuesday afternoon and Jim's parents arrived shortly after from Maine. The ENTIRE truck was unpacked that night, mainly by the guys. 

The kitchen and living room were unpacked and arranged by the following night, with pretty much all the furniture in the house where I... I mean, WE wanted it. The dads tackled electrical outlets, broken drawers, garage button wirings, and busted shelves, while the moms cleaned, wiped, and arranged with a vengeance. By the time my parents left on Friday afternoon, I only had one box of books left to unpack. 

We all went out to eat at Peking Palace Wednesday night. It was gude. As was the convasashun.

We even had time to do a little exploring downtown Falmouth Thursday evening and Friday morning! There are some old cemeteries to peruse and I took it upon myself to look for some unique future Freeman child names. Elery, perhaps? Solomon? Isa? Jim liked Sophronia and Marbra. Not.
My favorite was Asenouth. I kid you not. 

And guess what family is being buried in the area? Yeah, you'd better watch your back. How many times do we have to say it? These people cannot be killed!! This is just a set-up! 

Smiling parents. When my Dad isn't wearing his sunglasses, he puts them on the back of his head.

Goofy parent.

The drive to the airport was a rather silent one. I'll blame the horrendous Boston traffic. Yeah. We weren't fighting tears at all. Due to said traffic, we didn't have time to park the car and walk in with them. I had to hug them on the sidewalk and stay with the car (Jim knows more about getting boarding passes then I do and could get them through it faster). I don't know if a fast goodbye was better or worse for us. But my mom forgot her sunglasses and I got to run back in and give them seconds. It was hard. Not that I didn't think it would be hard.... but I ran back out to where Jim was waiting for me, hopped in, and cried and cried and cried.

My mom called later during their layover in DC. Apparently, she had two pocket knives in her little carry on makeup bag that she had forgotten about... security found them and she had to get body scanned. My mom, the terrorist. Dad teased her about it for quite a while, she said.

Sometimes, I almost forget that we've moved so faraway from my home state. But various things bring me back to reality:
1) We've only had to turn on the air conditioning a few times. Despite it being July/August, there have been evenings outside that needed a sweatshirt.
2) A beach goer was attacked by a Great White... swimming, anyone?
3) Sweet tea isn't offered.
4) "Going-half" - You are sitting in a parking lot, needing to go left on the two lane road in front of you. Going half is the accepted driving habit of pulling into one lane of traffic, causing it to stop, and waiting until the opposite lane stops and waves you in. And everyone is totally okay with it! Nobody honks, flips you a finger, or even gives you a dirty look! It's incredible!
5) The unescapable nautical theme: stripes, whales, plaid boat shoes, lobster traps, and homemade ice creams shops. I love it. And of course homemade ice cream shops are nautical.

My mom probably wouldn't want me to post this one because she forgot to put on her ball cap. But her hair is growing out from chemo and I think she rocks it. My dad calls the way it flips and curls all over the back of her head her "ducktails."

Dad, we still haven't asked about the system these people must have for draining rain water from their uncovered boats.

So, here we are. In house that is big enough for a family of 8-10. So, please, come visit. And if you can figure a way to smuggle it through the airport, bring some sweet tea with you.