Thursday, July 5, 2012

And now it's midnight

Forgive me if I've mentioned Wives and Daughters in a previous blog. But, I must say, it is five wonderful hours of incredible movie watching.

And yes, Mom. I packed while I watched.

"She's vewy fwank, Claire. I think you haf your wuk cut out for you."

"Did I say an engagement was an elephant, ma'am?!"

"Oh, Cynthia! All proverbs are vulgar and I do believe that is the vulgarest of them all!"

"Is she like Molly? Sweet tempered and sensible and ready to do anything when asked her?"

"Just tell her you love her and if she won't love you now, then, wait a while, and ask her again and don't give up trying until you've made her safe!"

"Women are queer, unreasoning creatures who are just as likely to not love a man who has been throwing his affections away."
...Thank you, sir. I see you mean to give me encouragement"

"You men concern yourself with the eternal varieties. We women are content to ponder the petty things in life."

"Nay, nay. It's not that easy to break, your heart. Sometimes I wish it were. No, we have to go on living, all the appointed days as it says in the Bible."

"I think it's possible that his marriage was not contracted with the express intention of deceiving either you, or the girls, my dear."

And of course, the famous "I'm not saying she was very silly... but one of us was very silly, and it wasn't me... Thursday suit you?"