Tuesday, June 19, 2012

the knots in my hair were worth it, James

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello. I hope you haven't given up on this blog

In the two months that I have tried to pretend that I wasn't blogging, several things have happened.

1) We put our house on the market. To sale. Please, Lord, to sale. We really don't want to landlord across the country.
2) The Davis family came to visit. It was a delight to watch our friends as they raise their four children. Jim and I took vigorous notes.
3) During their visit we visited the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial. It's always at the top of the list of "Things to Do" in Mobile... and neither Jim nor I have been there since we've lived here. So we went. And it is beautifully done. You get to see every single room in the ship. Every. Single. Room. No, seriously. Every single closet, office, bathroom, bunk room, laundry room, captains quarters.... In two hours we weren't even one third of the way through the self-guided tour. Then Aly got a headache, Bradley banged his head on a ladder, and Conley ran into a pipe. Elizabeth was like, "We're losing men. We've got to get out of here!" It was fantastic.

4) Alisa and Jeff came and while the boys played with guns, we went antiqueing. We spent all of our time digging through Cotton City and promised each other we would just stick our heads into Mary Parker's. Well, this is what it looked like. We walked in the door, held our breath and dove in.

5) My mom finished her radiation and looks very well! The scan to show the current state of the cancer (if there is any left) is in a few weeks.

6) Caleb went to boot camp in New Jersey for the Coast Guard. It was a total of eight weeks and he graduates this coming Friday. I finally got to talk to him yesterday! It was wonderful to hear his voice. It's so strange to think of my stocky, freckle-faced little brother starting a career... and in Portland, Oregon, none the less!

7) We spend a week on the beach with family in Navarre, Florida. I went fishing with my Dad early one morning for about five hours and it was a delight. Dad, before you think that I'm just checking a box to "mention Dad" or that I'm doing this because Father's day was yesterday.... stop thinking. It was seriously a highlight of the trip. We goggled up for seashells, got brown, I wore a wolf's head, and the boys hung from rafters.

See? At the beach with The Family.
Bourne? Sherlock? No... these are the intent faces of those who watch Ice Age over breakfast.

8) Jim and I traveled north with his parents for two weddings and a house. And God, in His everlasting sweetness, dropped the perfect house right in our laps, right as we were throwing our hands up in exasperation. It sits up on a hill, has a view of the water, is gas-heated, air-conditioned (not everyone has that up there.... isn't that weird?), and is affordable. We just stood there with our mouths open, realizing that, once again, we had forgotten that God was in total control of the entire house-hunt. It is a truly beautiful area and we have three EXTRA bedrooms so visitors are very very welcome!

Sorry for the blurriness, but if I don't move fast to get my father-in-law in a good laugh he ends up looking scared.
Galley Cat.... after coffee.
Sea Bear... running on water.

9) Our summer titled itself, "The Summer of Weddings." Starting March 31st and going through October 6th, we have attended/are attending eight weddings. Alabama, New York, Virginia, Massachusetts, Oregon, and California. I'm bridesmaiding twice and Jim one-upped me with his groomsman duties at three.

9) I decided that no matter how hard this move is going to be, we are going to have a blast. We'll go sailing, and explore Boston, see the Eagle when she comes in, eat a hot dog at a Red Sox game, shovel snow, and go canoeing in the bay. We're going to get to know our new-found aunt and uncle, make sweet tea for company, and say "y'all" every chance we get! I AM going to learn how to make real clam chowder, get to know East Coast beaches, but will not go swimming in the Northeast beach waters. And we're going to make some amazing friends and memories because God wants us to! And I know I'll cry when I'm up there unpacking, alone because Jim is at work, but  for now, I'm trying to list as many things as I can to help me be excited. We're going to be much closer his parents in their new home in Maine and I'm trying to convince Jim to get a different motorcycle so we can take a New England motorcycle drive up to see them. I AM excited about this adventure that we will enjoy together.

And that, my friends, is a quick wrap-up of the last two months. Currently, my little sister and Mom are   down here helping us pack. We've packed about thirty boxes, and, except for the garage looking cleaner.... you can barely tell. Good grief.

We move in four weeks. I'll try to keep you updated on the insanity of the whole situation, on the emotional highs and lows, and the support of everyone around us. Please pray that our house will sell, that we will find the church that God wants us to join, and that we, with the knowledge that God has us right where He wants us, will dig in and grow, drops seeds, and help nurture others around us.