Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vermont cont.

The second day started with interesting perspectives. The boys would be happy if they had another day HALF as fun as they had had the day before. Anna was looking forward to some REAL shopping. I was too terrified of doing any more driving. Jim tried to calm me down by taking me to an expensive restaurant for breakfast.

Ha. Ha. Ha.
Just keeding.
We went into the breakfast room of our hotel and were shown our seats and told to enjoy the hot buffet. And it was a good looking buffet. One of the reasons we had picked that hotel was because we had understood that it served a continental breakfast every morning. Apparently, the cold air had gone to our heads because no alarms went off when they walked us to our seats. Well, a very, very dim bulb blinked in mine, but I didn't say anything. We served our plates (Asa and Anna were getting dressed and about to join us) and had taken two bites when a lady walked by and handed us a receipt. We froze, him with his bacon, me with my eggs. Twenty dollars, man. He looked at me and said, "Well, eat up. Because we've paid for it now." Then he called Asa and Anna and told them that the food wasn't really that good and that he knew a much better place down the road called Dunkin' Donuts where they would really enjoy a good breakfast.

Anyway, memory won't allow me to give you a play-by-play of the rest of our time there. For that, I'm sure you just sighed with relief. The boys had an incredible time and Anna and I found some amazing sales. It was a good day.

We got to wear toboggans. Alabama usually doesn't allow these things.

I posed in a very ladylike position by a very small stop sign. It was just on the side of the road. No intersection or anything. I meant to ask my in-laws about that.

The third day we got to the lodge in time to watch Jim and Asa come down the slopes. Jim said Asa had picked it up on the very first day... they looked pretty cool, I must say. Anna and I were jealous.

They looked pretty cool most of the time, anyway.

Anna and I found a HUGE old house that just kept going and going and going with room after room of antiques.

We also went to THE Vermont Country Store and ate samples and tried on paper masks. And freaked ourselves out.

I shot a toy monkey across the room at Anna. He had rubber arms that stretched and a cape that soared behind him as he flew. He also screamed as he went through the air. Let's just say that I missed hitting a total stranger by about 6 inches. The monkey missed Anna and thudded into the wall. The man turned around only to see a brunette walking away from the toy section and a blonde studying an Etch-a-Sketch.

I did not take a single picture at the Linds... however, their hospitality was heart-warming, their house is over 200 years old with crooked doorways, the food was delicious, the games well played, and all in all we enjoyed those evenings immensely! And it was wonderful to meet Elisabeth so soon after Ben put the ring on her finger!

Oh, we had fun. When certain people make your heart warm it is pleasant to spend time with them.


caro said...

Loved reading your VT stories! My family and I were living in Woodstock when the Freemans were living outside Rutland. BTW, I believe the wee stop sign is for a snowmobile trail. Can't wait to welcome you up here in MA! :) --Carolyn (Jim's cousin)