Monday, February 27, 2012

Now, if Sherlock was in the arena....

So... I'm reading The Hunger Games.

And I really want to go see the movie that comes out March 23rd.

Jim asked me if they were good when I read the first one in half a day. I said, yes. But I added a footnote. They are entertaining and page-turning. But they are NOT, by any stretch of the imagination, helping my vocabulary or grammar. Especially after just reading Sherlock Holmes. Yes, Logan. I JUST read Sherlock Holmes for the first time ever. And they were brilliant!

I doubly realized the shallowness of them when the second book had a Stephanie Meyer quote on the back of it, stating how she was, "so obsessed with this book." Dang it.

And the quote from a woman at work: "Oh! I loved those! I really liked that it went from one scene to the next and then to the next so quickly! She didn't drag out long descriptions of scenery or thoughts or anything like that!" I told Jim and he laughed and said, "So, basically she's on her last leg of reading? From here on, it's cable all the way!"

Read good books, people.


elliebird said...

hello, my name is eleanor green, and i endorse amy porter's message.

i've resisted reading those because they're SUCH a huge trend, and i'm just enough of a hipster to want to NOT be trendy. ha... oh, the logic of this generation.

Thumper said...

I loved the concept of those books but I agree that she could have done so much more with them