Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the green mountain state and an alabama driver

Ha! I blackmailed my younger siblings into sending me the Vermont pictures. Ahahaha! I love blackmailing people!

For those of you who didn't know, Jim moved to Vermont when he was nine. His parents and sister decided they would go with him. Thus, he learned that there are actually some pretty splendid Yankees to befriend. He also learned how to snowboard. The four days we spent there were meant to encompass these two learnings.

After driving for 24 hours, our first day consisted of sleeping. Day two, I drove to the top of the mountain, where snow was falling fast. Jim and Asa hopped out, excited about the first day on the slopes. Anna and I continued down the mountain, looking forward to Who is Sylvia? It's a vintage store in Woodstock, VT, I had found on the internet. We drove away from the fast falling snow, to the light dusting of snow. On the way, we drove past the biggest barn I have ever seen! Five stories?! Good gravy!

We drove until we had arrived. Then we stopped driving. And we also discovered that Who is Sylvia? is only opened on Mondays and Saturdays. It was, in fact, Wednesday. If you do not love vintage clothing in unique stores, you will not understand our disappointment. Especially mine. Oh well. Woodstock = very pretty, tourist priced place.

Oh yeah, they DID have some pretty cool mittens.

And dishes.

Anna and I decided to drive back over the mountain. So, up up and away! The snow? Is it falling a little faster? A little harder? How pretty! Wow, it's covering the road!
It's thick on the road.
My tires are spinning.
My car is sliding sideways.
I turned around (thank YOU, God, that I didn't get stuck doing a two-point turn in the middle of the road) and parked at a gas station. Call Jim. No answer. Watch the snow get deeper and deeper. A snow plow! Get behind him only to discover my car is still going sideways. Turn around again and park at the same gas station...after driving OVER a curb that was completely covered in the white stuff. I am so... so... so SCARED at this point it doesn't make sense. I'm frantically calling Jim, and checking the depth of the snow every five minutes. In its frightened state, my brain can't even make the decision whether or not to go into the deli and get lunch. Call Asa. He answers! He hands the phone to Jim and I try not to cry as I listen to the GREAT day they are having on the slopes. "Every time we get back up at the top, there is a 1-2 inch layer of fresh snow! It's great!" He falls silent as I explain our situation, trying to keep the mounting hysteria out of my voice.
"Amy, do you want me to come get you?"
At this point, I was sniffling. "Yes! Please! I don't know why I'm so scared, but I am! Please come get us!"
"We're headed that way."
I'm so relieved it doesn't make sense. I glance at Anna, who is looking at me in a strange fashion. I ask her if I'm freaking her out. She answers calmly, "Well, yes, you are. I don't see what the big deal is. We're parked safely at a gas station with a deli. There is an inn across the street. We could stay up here for weeks." Anna will make a very level-headed wife one day. I laugh out loud at her common sense. It's an answer that I would usually be able to come up with on my own. But this time, I was so focused on what I DIDN'T know that I forgot what I DID know: that Christ was in full control of that situation. For someone who believes that with her whole heart, my frantic fear is rather shaming.

This is Anna, trying to make me calm down by taking pictures. Right before this was taken, I was probably clawing at the window or rabidly chewing on the door handle. Sweet sister.

Anyway, Asa and Jim hitchhiked a couple of miles over the mountain in the back of a pickup. They said that their snow gear was nice and warm... but it took about a hour for their rear ends to unthaw after sitting on the cold, metal truck bed. Jim climbed into the driver's seat and headed the way I had refused to go. It was a long two miles - slipping, sliding, spinning and praying. But we made it.

And just so you all know, Jim said it had nothing to do with my driving. The car did the exact same thing with him as it did with me. It's just that he knows how to drive in the snow without freaking out.


Owl of the Desert said...

What a coincidence! I got to see Woodstock this past summer. It's a beautiful place - I can only imagine what it must look like in the midst of winter.