Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gleaming heads and full bellies

Yikes. It's almost Christmas. And I'm just now putting up my Thanksgiving pictures!

Thanksgiving - James worked and I hung out with him pretty much all day on the base. There was a James Bond marathon on tv. I had only seen one James Bond movie once. At the end of the day I had seen three James Bond movies once. And MY James had a shaved head.

The end.

Juuuuust kidding. We drove up to Jasper the day after. A late afternoon visit with Nanny (Jim's grandmother) was pleasant. Her 30 year old refrigerator (it was a mustard yellow color...she called it "Oldie Goldie") had decided to bite the dust two days before and she was getting a new one that evening. It was a little on the humorous side watching her be sad about losing her old fridge. Humorous because I know I'll be exactly like that one day. I get so attached to things. Try as I might, I can't quite grasp my Dad's "well it's all gonna burn up one day" attitude. Of course, my Mom blames that attitude for several sentimental items she cannot find. Nanny told us how it had stopped working.... but the next morning she came into the kitchen to hear the ice maker kick-in. As the fridge deliverers wheeled it out, she told them of its desperate attempts to keep working and asked tentatively if maybe they would work on it and find someone who could use it. They seemed to be very caught up in getting it out the door and did not answer. I felt for her. In my mind, inanimate objects have feelings. They are our friends. I used to not be able to throw away a milk jug without attaching its lid to it first. After all, they had been together for so long, why tear them apart now?

Maybe this is why I love Toy Story so much. Hmm.

We arrived at the Porter household at dark to find the entire family (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmother, parents, brothers, and sisters) watching Captain America on my parents new, flat-screen, 48" (or was it 52? regardless.... huge) tv! Did I mention they also got cable? I nearly fell over! Never did I ever think my childhood home would have more than the two local channels! As Alisa lamented, "Everything we stood for is being torn away!" As we hugged and hugged again, I noticed even the furniture had been rearranged for the presence of that tv. "Where will you put the Christmas tree?" I asked. Ryan laughed, "Oh, we're just going to put all our presents under the tv. And put the angel topper on top of it!" Dad rolled his eyes, "Alright! Alright! You've made your point."

For those of you who did not know, my amazing mother started chemo about nine weeks ago. She has been so strong throughout the whole ordeal and clings to God daily. My father, who openly confessed to me that the role of an optimist was not normal for him when this started, is obviously a huge encouragement to her. I'm proud of them both. I don't have room to write about all of my brothers doings. But Anna will get a blog high-five...

Little sister... you have been awesome. Mom brags about how you are cooking and cleaning like a champ. Alisa talks about how much you've grown up throughout this past year. I am proud of you.

Anyway, I told you that to explain this picture:

Yes. There were many shaved male heads in honor of Mom's own. It was pretty impressive. And sweet. And Ryan isn't really that short.

There were tractors to drive,

wagons to ride,

a football game to watch (even if it's through the window),

an off-key birthday song to sing, (my Dad came very very close to dropping the cake right after I stopped videoing),

and much

much food to be eaten.

Mom had the fantastic idea of eating our Thanksgiving feast (no rare roast beast. sorry.) in our Christmas tree barn. So, with a little extra effort, our tummies were fed in a raw-lumbered, tin-roofed, twinkled-lighted, wood-stove heated barn.

I love my family.