Monday, November 14, 2011


Last weekend, Alisa and Jeff came down to see us. We were excited. And so were they.

This is Alisa checking to make sure Jeff isn't squinting in the photo.

Some of the things we did:

Saturday am- we got up early and ate oatmeal. Head towards the airport. It was colder than I had planned on it being and I made sure everyone knew I was freaking freezing. But it was a beautiful day to go flying.

Thanks to gracious friends, we all had headsets.

Mr. Pilot headed us towards Dauphin Island shortly after take off and landed us nicely.

A walk from the airport to the ferry is 3.4 miles. Off we go. It's still cold. I'm still cold. Is anyone else cold? Why is it so cold?!

This dog had his own balcony.

We walked and talked and laughed and I froze. We arrived at the ferry just in time to jump on for a cold ride across the bay to Fort Morgan. On the way, my hair did what Beast's hair did when he became a man.
Alisa and I zipped up our jackets as far as they could be zipped, ducked into our hoodies, shoved our hands in our pockets and hunched down behind our husbands. None of the car-riding ferry goers offered us a seat inside their vehicles. They all sat, somber faced, and watched us shiver. We probably were entertaining. Alisa and I sat down to get out of some of the wind. But then....

we got hit by a wave. It came up through the deck drains and we all got pretty durn wet. Alisa and I shrieked, the boys yelped.... and then we all laughed at each other's soggy bottoms. Still no offers from the now-smiling car sitters.

I think Fort Morgan would be a gorgeous place for a wedding.

Because our bottoms were dry now and the sun was warmer the ride back was lovely. We saw a few dolphins surface and watched each others faces turn pink.

Home again home again jiggety jog!

Saturday evening - Constantine's for supper!
Saturday evening still - Alabama got a field goal. LSU got a field goal. Alabama got a field goal. LSU got a field goal.

Sunday afternoon - Settlers of Catan. If you haven't played this game, just come to our house. Jeff had not played it... so we played twice. And I won. Twice. Both times. Excuse me while I go shout it from the rooftop.

Settlers of Catan is like Risk. Only, I've never played Risk. I've never wanted to ever since my parents told me they played it when they had only been married a few weeks and it was the closest to divorce they ever came. Oh yeah, sign me up to play that! But it is similar in the "get land and resources" idea. You claim land, you earn resources (wood, ore, sheep, wheat and brick), you buy roads, and settlements and eventually cities.

Alisa and Jim should not play this game together. They are rather cutthroatish about it. And when they realize the other one is being a cutthroat as well, it just makes them be even more of a cutthroat. We laugh throughout the game, but sometimes I wonder what my husband's or my sister's blood pressure might be at any given moment.

But who cares? I won!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Well... all year long I planned on blogging on 11/11/11. I was going to tell you to make a huge, ginormous wish.

And I didn't blog.

So, no wish for you!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ryan visited us

This is my brother, Ryan. He got a job in Uvalde, Texas. It started last week and on his way there, he came to see us first. It was sweet to see him. Of course, I was working and, of course, worked one of the longest days yet (because my sweet little two year old baby, who had been precious all day long, decided to vomit up her food, her medicine, her nasogastric tube, and I'm pretty sure her shoes, right at shift change) and Jim was flying late that night. So, Ryan got to face the trick-or-treaters alone. Haha!

Let me explain something: Neither Ryan nor I have ever grown up in a house that invited these little scavengers. We lived waaaay out in the country, down long, unlit driveways. If adults ever released their children down long, dark driveways, they don't anymore. They release them on subdivisions. Enter the Freeman household. Hundreds and hundreds of children descend upon our neighborhood dressed as Buzz Lightyear, witches, princesses, ninjas, lions, tigers, and bears. They walk or are driven around in golf carts or pulled on trailers pulled by four wheelers.

Jim and I knew we wouldn't be there so we had no candy. We decided to let Ryan fend for himself. (muahahaha!)
He did.

I came home to this:

Ryan had driven very slowly out of our neighborhood to a nearby Dollar General and came back with candy. Rummaging through the house he found two paper bags. In one, he put all of the candy and wrote on it: "Lots of tootsie rolls, some starbursts, barely any jolly ranchers." The other bag he had torn up and placed signs on the inside of our windows. They read, "Don't knock!" "We're tired!" "Get some candy!" "Nice costume!" I'm sure all of the adults thought we were incredibly polite. I guess I deserved that since I hung Ryan out to dry. The sign beside the bag read, "Don't be a pig unless you become one" then advised the candy-takers to read some Proverbs.

After letting me in, he looked in the bag and said, "Whoa! It worked! Nobody has knocked and half the candy is gone!" Then he gave me a big bear hug. It was good to see him.

Regarding trick-or-treaters.... really, I don't hate them. I am overwhelmed by them and in all seriousness try to avoid being at my house on Halloween night. But what I cannot stand is older kids who do it. If you are an older kid who goes trick-or-treating, I will still be your friend. But I have some advice:

Grow the heck up. If you want to dress up and take your younger brothers and sisters or cousins or neighbors trick-or-treating, be my guest. But don't be standing there with a plastic bag asking for your own candy. It's a tradition for children. And if you are responsible enough to own an iPhone and to trick-or-treat without adult supervision... you are too old.

Jim's coworker's story -
He opened his door to find a group of teenagers standing there with little plastic pumpkins. They didn't even have on costumes.
Coworker - "Oh, how cool! You're out getting candy because your little brother or sister were too sick to come out tonight!"
Kid - "What are you talkin' about, man?"
Coworker - "What I'm talkin' about is that you're too old for this crap. Now get out of here!"