Saturday, October 1, 2011

I must have blinked

Today I turned twenty-six.

Twenty-six? Wow.
And it was a wonderful day. The weather was truly Octoberish, thank you God! And Jim spoiled me. Breakfast, bike trails, lunch outside, hammock time, chocolate fudge pie with homemade ice cream, Pride and Prejudice and a smashing hat. I love him.

My Dad on the phone: "Hey! Happy birthday! ... ... Well, I got that out of the way, now what do we talk about?"
My mom's card was true to form - sweet enough to make me tear up with an "adjustment" of the card's cover character's outfit (to be more modest).

To my in-law parents, I did not wear a bucket on my head. Sorry. :)


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday! My birthday is today...but I'm slightly older than you. I turned 42 today :) The year I turned 26 I had my daughter, she's 15 now! This comment seems sort of bizarre...I mean why would you care to know any of this about me, someone you don't know...but I guess it kind of goes with the territory of blogging! Have a great day after your birthday!

Anna said... look tan.