Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday afternoon labor

It's so nice to have friends who live in the country who have things like pecan trees. Do you say pee'-kan or pi-kahn'? Don't worry, I won't make fun of you either way. I'll just think you're silly if you say pee'-kan.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

becoming one

Jim and I just had the same idea....

Me - "Well, great minds DO think alike!"
Jim - "And we do too!"

I guess I could call him a name but he insulted himself, too.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First Any Verse Harry

My goodness. A year ago, this past Sunday, I vowed that only death would part me from James. The first year made a whooshing sound as it passed by me. I cannot believe I have been a wife through all four seasons. The delight of this year is for a writer more capable than I and I will leave it at that.

In honor of the anniversary, Jim and I went to The Grand Hotel in Fairhope. Initially, I wanted to get a little further away from home. But then I realized that if Alabama has a place that is as wonderful as this place is supposed to be, and that we may no longer be in Alabama next summer, we should go for it. So we did. And we are glad.

Driving through Fairhope, we discovered a sidewalk arts and crafts show. So we stopped, strolled, and discovered everything was too expensive. I had a close encounter with a Marilyn Monroe moment, thanks to the wind making friends with my skirt, and we found this polite trash receptacle, contradicting everything your mothers have ever told you.

Onto the Grand, where we were greeted at the gate by a smiling older gentleman named Jim. He learned it was our first anniversary and SANG us a verse from a love song of his generation. His voice was shaky on the lower notes, but strong and true for the majority. It was a pleasant beginning.

This was our room. Isn't it beautiful? And spacious? And soothing?

This is our view. The wind was just enough to make the boats creak on their moorings. Don't you love coastal sounds?

At the recommendation of a friend, we went to the Fly Creek Cafe. It was attached to a marina, with beat-up wood flooring and open ceilings where the naked lightbulbs hung. The fans were whirring and the wind was sashaying through the open windows. We were asked if we wanted to eat indoors or out and Jim said out. We were told it would be an extra $10 per person because of the live band. So, Jim said in. She walked us over to one of the open windows that was right next to the band area. I could have shot a spitball and hit the lead guitarist. "This is great," said Jim, as we munched away. "We don't have to clap if we don't want to!" He wore one of his hats that he got on our Chicago trip. This was two seconds after his "I'm so cool" face. It had become his "I wish you were in this picture with me because it's getting awkward" face. It's also his "I don't look old enough to even be married" face.

The sunset was stupendous out our open window and we weren't charged $20 extra to see it.

We went back to the hotel and walked the perimeter. And the diameter and the radius. But NOT the whole area. It is covered with huge oak trees dripping with Spanish Moss, swings everywhere, and hammocks tucked under the great branches. See the hammock?

There was a huge pool with waterfalls and a slide. The sign read, "No holding breath games." There was also an adult pool with a hot tub. The sign read that no one under 21 years of age was aloud. Personally, I thought it was a nice touch. I love kids and don't mind sharing a pool with them, but some people want to sunbathe without children. So, a pool for both types of people. This is the adult pool. It sounds rather scandalous.

The next morning, we got up early and went outside for reading, coffee and watching the sky get brighter and brighter.

Oh, the weather was absolutely perfect!! We had brought our bikes so we biked to Fairhope. The diner was closed.... so we walked around until we found another one. By now, it was about 10:30. Jim ordered the Julwin Sampler which consisted of, Ahem: 2 Eggs cooked the way you want them, sausage, bacon, AND ham, grits or hashbrowns, toast or biscuit, and two pancakes. He ate all of it.

Back to the hotel, where I discovered that Napoleon Bonaparte had come into our room and arranged our robes.

The nerve of that guy.

Then to the adult pool and then... SAILING! The Grand has kayaks and Hobie Cats available for guests. Look up Hobie Cats. They are a blast! All Jim had to do was say he knew how to sail, sign a waiver, and we were allowed to take it out by ourselves! He told me not to take the camera and he was right. We were soaked!

Back to Fairhope for sushi at Master Joe's. My first experience with sushi as a full meal. It was very good. Chopsticks are hard. Then I was a baby and allowed my husband's UNselfishness to get on my nerves. I nearly ruined the evening. Heaven will be wonderful, won't it? No sin. I cannot even imagine the freedom of that.

For our last morning we got up and ate breakfast there, at the Grand, at the recommendation of another friend. To quote her, "It's expensive, but it's worth it." List anything you can think of for breakfast and it was there on the buffet. Grits, eggs, pancakes, waffles, sausage gravy, biscuits, three different types of toast, eight kinds of fruits, yogurt honey, four different types of jellies, conecuh sausage, bacon, ham, personalized omelets, cheese danish, cereal, oatmeal, carrot muffins, pineapple cake, and the list continues. The row of polished silver domes gleamed and we did our best to give them credit over a crosssword puzzle.

The watermelons were carved like this. Yikes, no?

It was such a precious weekend. And I still can't believe it has already been a year.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I must have blinked

Today I turned twenty-six.

Twenty-six? Wow.
And it was a wonderful day. The weather was truly Octoberish, thank you God! And Jim spoiled me. Breakfast, bike trails, lunch outside, hammock time, chocolate fudge pie with homemade ice cream, Pride and Prejudice and a smashing hat. I love him.

My Dad on the phone: "Hey! Happy birthday! ... ... Well, I got that out of the way, now what do we talk about?"
My mom's card was true to form - sweet enough to make me tear up with an "adjustment" of the card's cover character's outfit (to be more modest).

To my in-law parents, I did not wear a bucket on my head. Sorry. :)