Friday, September 23, 2011

big and little kids

Ever since I started working on a pediatric unit people keep asking me, "Do you like taking care of all those babies?" Which I do! I totally do! But, I keep explaining to them that the pediatric unit takes children all the way up to eighteen years. We also take care of the "just a few dayers" too. The NICU is for the baby babies. But if a baby goes home from the NICU and has to come back one day later, they come back to the PICU. Going home is the dividing line.

Anyway, my point is we have big and little kids.
Yesterday, I was taking care of an 18 day old preemie. My coworker was taking care of a 13 year old who produces massive poops. Yes, I'm blogging about poop. I'm a nurse and it's a part of my job description, so, I'm sorry if it bothers you. Seth walked over to weigh the diaper he had just changed. He looked at the number and called over to me, "I think he just pooped out something the size of your little guy!"

Needless to say, yes, I like taking care of the little babies. It's just one small wipe for mankind.


pamphlet said...

thank you for blogging again - I miss you! I love you too!