Monday, July 4, 2011

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Well, you've seen the pictures of the Creeper. Now for some memories.

It was wonderful. Seriously. It had been about ten years since we had last been to our well-beloved bike trail with the Meeks. Families change a lot in ten years, let me tell you.

1) Anna grew up. From the six year old who really didn't help at all to Mom's right hand sixteen year-old woman.
2) Jeff was the old son-in-law with three years of wife-experience
3) Jason and Jim were the newbies at 11 and 7 months.
4) Mom and Dad only have two more years of homeschooling left
5) Mr. Steve and Mrs. Debbie had been done for about 6 years
6) I realized that Anna isn't just my little sister anymore. She's my friend.
7) The boys (Ryan, Caleb, Asa and Jon) are now desired company. They like to sit around a fire and talk
8) We've all grown up. And whether I like it or not I wouldn't miss it for the world

Somethings don't change:

1) The word camping causes all males to forget how to use their razors
2) We still love four-square. As silly of a game as it looks, we are all secretly out for blood.
3) Dad and Uncle Greg's ongoing fight over how to build a fire. They nearly caught the campground on fire one morning. Ask them for the story.
4) Mom and Mrs. Debbie's organization skills still blow my mind. I kept a running list of things I forgot.
5) Satan is always wandering to and fro seeking whom he may devour. The constant fight is exhausting... but the small daily victories make it worth it.

Memorable moments:

1) When the rain came - I wish I had had a video camera set up. We were all gathered around the table and the fire, eating Alisa's delicious minestrone soup and listening to the rumble of thunder overhead and the wind....?.... in the trees. Wind? I think that's rain. No, it's wind, look at the trees bowing down. No, it's rain and it's getting louder. Here it comes. You know, I think you're right. It does sound like rain. I know I'm right! There it is!! AUGH!
And everyone ran for their life as if they were the Wicked Witch of the West. It happened in a matter of seconds. Everyone standing calmly around debating philosophical issues -blink- everyone running towards their personal shelter, chair in one hand, bowl of soup in the other. I was blessed to be in my own campsite, just a few feet from our stretched-out tarp. I laughed heartily at the hastily scattered folk.

2) Jeff's vast wife-experience - Another rain incident. Once again, we were standing around a campfire roasting smores. For some people, roasting a perfect marshmallow is a work of art. Alisa's art was nearing perfection when the rain came through the woods around us. We were a little more prepared for it this time. A few ran, but others just tucked themselves deeper into their ponchos and umbrellas shot out of nowhere. Alisa, seeing the swelling golden mass on her stick was afraid to move as the raindrops tickled her face. "Jeff! Quick! Bring me a graham cracker with chocolate! It's going to fall off!" Jeff, just feeling the wet himself, jumped to his feet, grabbed his chair, and took off.... towards his campsite. "I'll see you in the truck, honey!" he called. Alisa watched his retreating back in disbelief, her hair sticking to her face from the rain. I grabbed a graham with some chocolate and handed it to her. As she smooshed down the marshmallow she muttered, "He can sleep in that truck, too."

3) Asa's correction - My little brother gave me a needed kick in the pants. There were hurt feelings, expectations weren't being met, and a few grumpy faces. I voiced a snide remark, hidden in a "righteous attitude." Asa called me out privately. With a few simple words he told me that I was the one adding to the problem, that I knew what I was saying was wrong and to not say it again. I was ashamed. It's always embarrassing when someone younger than you puts you in your place and you know they're right. By the grace of God, I reacted humbly and apologized quickly. Thank you, Asa.

4) Bus driver's wisdom - We shuttled up to the top of the mountain to ride down it. Um... I mean, we shuttled DOWN the mountain and then rode up it! Yeah. Because, well, you know that only sissies coast down a mountain. Anyway, our driver was answering Jeff's question regarding the frequency of droughts. "Well, we've been getting a lot of rain this year. We do get droughts a good bit. Well, we haven't had one in the last five years or so. We've had lots of rain so... no drought. Now, when it stops raining that's when we have a drought."

5)Slugs - Our campsite was infested with them. We learned that slugs love: Pringles, other dead slugs, and our flip flops. Every morning there would be 2-4 gray blobs on our flip flops. Jim even hung them off of our tent and they still found them, the silver trails of ooze showing us their path up our tent. So one night I sprinkled a ring of salt around our shoes. Take that, you little cannibals! The next morning we gazed in disbelief: Apparently, salt doesn't deter them. It was like the would hit the first few grains of it, realize they were starting to melt, and crawl through the rest of it, like a soldier in the mud. When a slug melts, it turns orange. They would continue to crawl and melt all the way to our flip flops. There they would die, apparently at peace that they had accomplished their goal. So instead of easily flick-offable alive slugs, we had orange, gooey trails of leftover slugs. It was lovely.

And the list would continue. But I'm going to bed. Good night.


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pamphlet said...

I enjoyed both of your recent blogs very much - You should keep this July 6 blog on record somewhere - it is a very good recall of what happened - I missed some of those too - by the way babe sista no longer has a blog - I am sad.

Meryl said...

Nexttime bring beer to attract the slugs....they love it! And if they don't use it, it comes in handy when you're hot from all that biking:-)

Meryl said...

By the way, I love reading this blog! And we just found out there are beautiful biking trails here in ME around about a trip WAY north next year to camp and bike???