Wednesday, July 20, 2011

patience is a virtue... just not hers

Jim just reminded me of this quote from Alisa, sister-dear.

Sunday we were at the Woodley family reunion. The FINAL announcement (hahaha! That's just a little inside joke. You see, the announcement woman is never ever done making announcements. Everyone is happily putting some south in their mouth, talking, and laughing and in the background you can hear her attempting to tell everyone to make sure you sign the book, to raise your hand to vote on something, to make sure you take your dishes home... etc.) was to let the people with younger children and the slower, much older people go first in the food line.

That was at 12:01.
At 12:03...

Alisa - Okay. Let's go get in line! I'm hungry!
Jim - We're supposed to wait!
Alisa - The old people have had their chance! Let's go!


Sarah W K said...

i heart Alisa.

Meryl said...

No mercy....a woman after my own heart;-)