Thursday, May 19, 2011

I forgot the mustard!

I called Alisa Tuesday to wish her a happy anniversary. I didn't call her until 9:34 pm because, well, because I just didn't. So, I really called to tell her I hope she HAD a happy anniversary. Our discussion turned to our upcoming camping trip. It has been decided that each woman (I'm a woman now that I'm married. Can you believe that?) would provide the entire group with dinner on each night. Being the master camping chef that I am, I claimed hotdogs. Jim and I will provide intricate roasting sticks that we carved with our teeth.

Not really.

Anyway, I wasn't feeling as bad about picking such an easy thing because everyone else was going relatively easy as well. However, my older sister, like all older sisters, has that God-given ability to make sure I don't feel too okay with it.

Me - "I don't feel so bad about making hotdogs since Mrs. Debbie is doing hamburgers."
Alisa - "Yeah. But she's has to at least MAKE the burgers."
Me - "Yeah. I know." Poophead.
Alisa - "I'm just kidding. I mean, as long as you have relish, we'll be good."
Me - ... ... ...
Alisa - "You didn't get relish, did you?"
Me - "I'll get some! I forgot it!"
Alisa - "Did you get kraut?"
Me - "Oopsie."
Alisa - "What the crap?! Did you even get buns?! What kind of a hotdog are you going to make? Are you just going to put one on a plate and squirt some ketchup on it?!"
Me - "Look, I don't put those things on a hotdog! So, I forgot them! I'll get them!"
Alisa - "So, we have to be happy with just a hotdog in a plain bun?! Sheesh. I'll bring my own dang relish."

Double poophead.

In all seriousness, I was laughing heartily over her hysteria at the idea of a relishless hotdog. My feelings weren't hurt at all. I don't want to present the overused picture of big, mean, red-headed, short-tempered, speech therapist, pearl-earring-wearing, older sister giving the younger, sweet, innocent, pedatric nurse, blogging, barefoot sister a pounding.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mason jars with Ball lids

Oh yes! I forgot! I also made strawberry jelly. And took pictures with the computer.

It's apparently been awhile since I helped Mom make this. Because I don't remember feeling guilty over the exorbitant amounts of sugar stirred into the strawberries. I won't tell you. I don't want you to feel guilty. I'll just say this: it should be called strawberry syrup. Or strawberry topping for vanilla ice cream. Or candied strawberries. Or dessert.

I also made a huge mess. Everything was oozing red. Granted my collander and food processor were already red.... but still. I don't remember Mom making such a mess. This picture was taken after I cleaned up a lot of it. And licked my fingers. And then washed my hands. Turning my computer-converted-camera red would not have been good.

Not a part of your balanced, nutritional breakfast.