Saturday, April 23, 2011

It was fun.

About a month ago, my husband left me for Puerto Rico. Sniff.

His job required him to be there for two weeks.

So, being the grown-up young married woman that I am.... I went back to my parents house for a week. I hadn't seen them in three months and for those of you who don't know me, this was a tremendous amount of time. After being married for four weeks, Jim and I were coming back for Thanksgiving. As we entered my hometown's city limits, he said, "Welcome back! You do realize that this has been the longest amount of time you have been away, right?" And he was right!

Anyway... it was wonderful to be back. Although slightly weird. It's amazing how a mere six months of marriage can make "going back home" different.

We shoveled compost and played games and ate homemade pizza and watched movies and played duets. I folded laundry and cleaned out the fridge. I didn't tell my husband about the homemade pizza because I didn't want him to be jealous.
Sunday we planned on going to the park and grilling hotdogs and riding bikes. The forecast showed overcast, drizzly and cold. I assumed we wouldn't be going.

Never assume.

This is Jeff watching the entire bag of charcoal burn. He's having fun.

This is Caleb having fun while wishing the wood would burn because he is cold. The wood was wet so it just smoldered for a while. Wet and cold. This is why I assumed.

This is Asa having fun while toasting a chip.

This is Alisa having lots of fun while she breathes in the smoldering camp fire smoke.

Alisa has fun no matter where she goes because she dresses so smartly.

This is Dad. He really is having fun.

I have no idea who this person is. She just crashed our party. But I think she was scared that hunters might be out.... thus the extremity of that yellow.

This is Anna cheating.
Just kidding.

My mom had the most fun of all. But then, she did have a pretty sweet hat.

In all seriousness, we enjoyed each other.

Despite the yellow-clad stranger's hand monster.

The hotdogs were hot, the hummus was yummus, and the orange bell of Pit made an appearance. Then it was decided that, despite the fun of cold wind and wet benches, we would just have to go home and play Pit in our dry and warm living room. It was a hard decision.

Later I talked to Jim. I told him that it was cold and wet but we had had a lot of fun grilling hotdogs and playing card games and standing as close to the fire pit as we possibly could. So, what had he been doing?

Oh, snorkeling.

Flying over Monito,


and several pods of whales! One whale was doing acrobatics! Like the kind they normally do only for the nature show cameras!

He had also got to walk around some old ruins that overlooked the beach.

The weather was sunny and warm. He told me he loved me and wished I was there.

We hung up and I went inside and told Mom all that he was doing. To which she replied:

"You should have told him about the homemade pizza."


Charlie said...

HEY! Jim takes good pictures!

I was NOT cheating.If anything Asa was.

Sarah W K said...

Yeah, I'd tell him about the pizza...

Thumper said...

The pizza would beat snorkeling any day

Max-Frederick said...

Haha classic response!
Your hair is getting so long! so pretty.. Hey, at least you had fun right? yeah? family is the best :)

pamphlet said...

Yep! My family IS the best!!! I love you and looking forward to the Virginia Creeper and your blog about that!

Ted said...

I just read a half dozen blog I'm caught up. If Jim cuts off the Internet you'll have to send these snail mail. Love them! Love you!

on to june said...

Hey, friend! I'm reading and writing again. Lot's of catching up to do on your blog...