Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Of pediatrics

Hello. Just a few pictures of recent chilluns. Also, I broke our camera. Hee hee. Jim thinks I did it on purpose because I wanted a nicer one but that is not true. An hour-and-a-half ride in a tight-because-I'm-on-a-motorcycle-jean pocket will do that to a camera if it's trying to come on for said hour-and-a-half. I'm sorry. It was an accident.

I recently helped Friend Julie babysit some children from our church so their mothers could take a much needed lunch break together.

This is Kate. She has a loose tooth. Or HAD a loose tooth. She told me as soon as I walked in the door. Which reminds me of a story Julie told me about a little boy in her Sunday School class. He left a note to the tooth fairy that went something like this:
Dear toothfairy,
I lost my tooth and it is under my pillow. My name is Aiden. I am the one in the bed.

This is Jacob. And blogger likes to change the color of my font randomly. I'm not going to fight it. Jacob looks so much like his father (our associate pastor) it's almost weird helping him button his pants.

This is Graham. He likes Buzz Lightyear and wants YOU to be a Space Ranger! He could probably set a world record for peeing. It was like, dashinjust asJacobmovedunzippeezipupshoutDONE!dashout. Whoa. Jacob was still washing his hands. Graham got called back to wash his hands.

Graham also likes to put his shoes on by himself. And his crocs were brown, not purple.

This is Karis (see what I mean about the color?). She is from China. Kate introduced Jim and I to her new sister just like that. "I am Kate and this is Karis and she's from China!!" Jim was like, "What?!" Later he laughed and said, "I wonder how long Karis will put up with Kate introducing her like that."
Karis loves her milk.

Very much.

Jacob's squinty-eyed grin.

Jake drooled on the table for a little bit then slept in the midst of all the other children playing. Look at that wittle neck!

Kate with Cozy Coupe hair. Remember Cozy Coupes and the static they caused?

Post script in black: I got a job! Pediatric ICU here I come! I have no idea why they hired me. I have no experience in either of those fields. But, thank you God, they hired me! And I will earn the experience.


pamphlet said...

I would love to hear what your associate pastor says when he reads the part about you buttoning his son's pants - I laughed till I cried.
Love you!