Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On liking neutrals

We went to get our rug last Saturday. We had already picked it out a few weeks ago, but we waited until it went on sale. The wait idea was Jim's. Of course it was a good idea! It was his, wasn't it? If we had bought it the day we found it (which is when I wanted to) we would have paid twice the amount we paid Saturday.
Before we went looking for one I told Jim to not worry, I was considering getting a neutral rug. I'm sure he was relieved. You see, Jim doesn't really trust my matching skills. My Dad told me that he doesn't, either.
"Amy, can I say something?"
Oh boy.
"I'm not very confident with your matching."
P.S. My Dad wears overalls everywhere.

It didn't help that when Jim and I were dressing up for a tacky Halloween party I changed multiple times because I felt like I was dressing normally. And I was stupid and said that out loud.

And Jim knows I like this rug:
Also, I got my Country Living magazine this week and there was a really cool house in it. Its owner said, "I don't care if colors clash. A person's personality should be reflected in a house." Watch out, husband. This mismatching, pattern clashing, era-crossing personality wants to be unleashed.
But for now, a neutral rug.

This is Jim, supporting the second amendment.
We got our chest freezer, Mom. Stocking up on grocery sales, here I come!

Yes, I offered to help. He said no thanks.

Speedy carpet unrolling!!

Voila. Rugs make rooms look so much warmer. And no matter how hard I try, I cannot get those things over the doorway to look right. I want them to drape. Maybe when the bookshelves go up, it will help.

This picture was taken right as Galadriel, in all of her drama, burst through the wall.


pamphlet said...

VERY nice - amazing what wall hangings and rugs and mirrors do to a room - where is the book shelf going? And may I make a suggestion - remove zome of zhe ztufff from the bottum' auv shour living room tabell (that's me speaking French). Love you!

elliebird said...

embrace the mismatched, amy. it will open up a whole new world.


this post made me think of the carpet you liked.


Max-Frederick said...

Supporting the second amendment!
haha, i like the striped rug... one day!

Abby said...

Your house is looking like a home! and the striped rug is lovely ;)

savy said...

AMY PORTER FREEMAN! You should have gotten a striped rug!