Thursday, February 24, 2011

maybe I'm thinking too much

This morning, I stayed in bed for about 40 more minutes after my husband got up. I fell asleep and this was my dream.

I found an ostrich egg and I kept it warm until it hatched. The ostrich was about one and a half inches tall and looked like a full-grown one. I put him in a glass measuring cup and and gave him cubed pineapple pieces. He picked at a few of them and the yellow pulp dangled from his bill. It was apparent he didn't like pineapple.
It was also apparent by my next decision that I forgot everything I know about baby birds. Like, 1) They don't drink milk, you idiot.

But, in my dream, in my mind, they did. So, I warmed some milk up in the microwave. In a glass measuring cup. Or maybe I should say, THE glass measuring cup. I warmed it up so much, it boiled and evaporated out of the cup by the time the timer chimed. And my new little friend was dead. Killed by his brainless owner by either deadly microwave waves or boiling waves of milk. I can't decide which one would be worse.

I woke up and went to the kitchen and fixed my husband breakfast. I was rather disturbed. I don't even know how to take care of a 1.5 inch ostrich? Should I be feeding a grown man? Should we get a dog?

And I had really wanted for it to grow up. Then I could ride it like this stylish lady.
Dreams are so weird. When I learned in psychology class that when you sleep all the doors, windows, and gates in your mind come swinging open and the walls come crashing down, thus allowing access to your entire brain to the dream-makers... it made a little sense.
But ostriches in glass measuring cups? Really brain?


Melissa said...

Your dream made me smile (well, except for the part where the baby ostrich died)! I love dreams like's the ones that are so unusual that make for great storytelling!

Julia'sponderings said...

Dear Amy,
You do not know me, but I love your blog. I'm sorry if this weirds you out, but I will feel a little less like a stalker reading your stuff if I've made myself known.
Maybe you're enough like me to find this a little flattering rather than very creepy.

Amy said...


This is only seven months late, but I was reading back over some of my comments and realized I hadn't responded to your creeper message. Just kidding! I'm glad you enjoy it and flattered that you wanted to tell me!