Saturday, February 26, 2011

i forgot to make a wish

Last night, my nasal passage were stopped up, my eyes were red, and I was uncomfortably warm. It was 9:30 and I asked him if we could go on a walk. He said yes, even though he was probably ready to go to sleep.

It was blessedly cool outside. We tramped around the neighborhood, scaring a tiny white dog nearly to death. It galloped a wide path around us, reached the safety of its own yard, then turned and barked as ferociously as a 5-lb dog can. Despite the ugly orange glow of the voted-in streetlights, the stars were still bright. We walked for probably half an hour and my mind relaxed. As I had been told earlier: there is no grace in hypothetical situations, Amy. Give God time to be good. I squeezed his hand. God blessed me so when He gave me this man.

We walked back to our home and laid down on the deck to continue to watch the stars. I said I wanted to study astrology. He said, "No, you don't." "What did I mean to say?" I asked. "Astronomy." Yes, that is what I would like to study.

No more words. Quiet. Something was walking around in the woods behind us, probably enjoying the many food scraps I had thrown out. Then, a quick light in the sky and Jim pointed with a gasp. The words, "Goofball, that's a plane," were on my tongue as I glanced toward an incredibly bright streak in the sky. My mouth fell open and we leapt to our feet.

The biggest, longest shooting star I have ever seen glowed huge and orange across the sky. We both guessed later it lasted for at least five seconds. If we had had no idea that objects falling through our atmosphere caught on fire, we would have known after watching such a fireball. It's arc cut down behind still-bare trees (despite 80 degree weather this week) and faded. We just stood there, amazed and open-mouthed.

I feel almost lame for posting this.

It was an incredible evening.


Katie Larissa said...

Don't feel lame. It sounds like the Most Bestest evening. I saw a shooting star the other night, driving home, and I almost had a wreck.

Max-Frederick said...

Stars are such an amazing thing.. That sounds absolutely incredible :)

Dennis said...

Relish some of this impulsiveness!!! Can make for some pretty valuable deposits in the 'emotional' tank to be drawn on latter!!