Thursday, January 20, 2011

Runaway tongue

Me: Have you seen Runaway Jury?

Jim: Umm.... I think so.... doesn't it have Sandra Bullock?
Me: No. You're thinking about Runaway Bus.
Me: That didn't sound right, Amy. Think fast! Think fast!
Jim: Do you mean Speed?

Umm. Yes. That IS what I meant. And as my husband laughed uproariously, I realized there really wasn't any use in trying to say something like, "I was trying to say 'No, you're thinking about the one ABOUT the runaway bus.'"

Well, I'm leaving it in italics because in my mind, it was a movie. Because I'm a doofus.

And yes, I know my blog layout is boring. I'm working on it and trying to make it look more grown-up. Because only grown-ups are allowed to watch Runaway Bus.


Nasada said...

At first i thought...runaway speed?
that maketh no sense.but now i got the movie title

not runaway speed.

pamphlet said...

Well,I don't think you are a doofus -Ithink you are a bright, quick and humble wife who is willing to let her husband laugh at her when she makes a goof - and I miss your witty ways around our table.
Love you lots!