Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My brothers would have caught it

Last night I was the "greeter" at a ladies' Bible study. That just means I opened the door, gave them a big smile and said hey.

There was also a highschool basketball game going on in the gym of the same building. So, after smiling for two ladies, I found myself ( ..... in Paris." "Were you lost?" Name the movie!) holding the door for two guys dressed for their game.
I grinned. "Well hello! Are y'all here for the ladies' Bible study?!"
They shuffled their feet and one of them goes, "Um... no. We're here for a basketball game."
Oh really, number 16? I would have never guessed.


pamphlet said...

the movie is Sabrina - bet 'cha didn't think I would know.

Amy said...

Whoa! Nice Mom! When y'all come down here let's watch it.

savy said...

This post makes me miss ya.