Monday, November 8, 2010

It was pretty schweet

Tomorrow is our one month anniversary.
Earlier last week Jim asked me if I wanted to go on a picnic. Yes please and thank you.

Saturday morning, he stepped out on our deck and made a phone call. Afterwards he said that we would need to leave by 11:30 to go to the picnic. He wouldn't tell me where. Well, I love surprises. Seriously, I do. Not scary surprises. Real ones.

So, I got ready, asked him if my shoes were appropriate, and climbed into the truck. A little later we pulled up to...

the airport.

I sat there for a second. "You're taking me flying?! Really?!"
He just grinned.
"Are we having a picnic in the air?"
"Um.... I don't know. Maybe."
Oh boy. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Cue theme song.

So, my husband gave me an aerial view of my new home and its surroundings. Basically, he blew all other dates out of the water.

He taught me a little tiny piece of flying a
plane knowledge. Air speed, the wet compass, vertical speed, flying with instruments only,
using the rudders in the turns.... he even let me fly it. After 2 minutes I was exhausted (I was, apparently, using my whole upper body to grip the "wheel") and gladly relinquished "control." He then headed to our destination.

Dauphin Island! I mean, the plane ride already had me amazed but we were going to have a picnic on the beach?! I really think my brain had a very minor implosion at that moment.

Anyway.... it was an incredible day. My pilot husband landed on the tiny little strip with nary a jolt to his bride's head. We grabbed our bag and blanket and set off in the direction that we hoped was the beach. Duh Amy, you were on an island. Every direction is the beach. Oh yeah. Darn.
We walked out onto the cool sand. Sand that was so dry it didn't stick to your feet. The beach was completely empty except for one other couple and the occasional clean-up crew. We spread out.... and the first seagull landed. She proceeded to keep all of the other seagulls away. Thanks. Still no food for you, though.

It was an absolutely incredible day spent with my best friend. We ate PBJs and chocolate cake. I chased the seagulls while he tried to nap. He took off without a problem despite the direct crosswind. You know, part of me feels all bomb-diggety because I'm using all of these terms... but I'm really afraid I'm not using them correctly. He stalled the plane three times in a row (purposely) on the way home and my stomach was introduced to my uvula. My headset was green and the mouth piece barely worked. I had to chew on it just right before Jim could hear me. And if that even registered on the "Complaints of the Day" radar.... it would be the only one.
Dear husband,
I love you. I cannot wait until our 2 month anniversary.
Love, your wife

P.S. I kidd


Katie Larissa said...

Awww, you already know this is incredibly sweet. But I'm just gonna re-affirm its sweetness.

Anonymous said...

Envious. In a good way.