Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I bet Martin Luther would have fled.

Saturday night I went on base where Jim was on duty and watched the Auburn game with him. Number one I wanted to see him. Number two to escape the Barbarian horde. Some of you call them trick-or-treaters.

Sunday evening rolled around. Fifth Sunday so no evening church. We were on his computer, trying to fix my blog. I suggested we go somewhere. We continued to sit. The house got darker and darker and we had not gotten up to turn on any lights.

Amy - "Well, I think that will work."
Jim - "Are you satisfied?"
Amy - "Yes, thank y (ding dong!) ..... what?!"
Jim, looks confused, then his eyes widen - "It's a trick-or-treater! We forgot to get out of the house!"
Amy, hissing - "Quick, close the computer or they'll see the light!"
Jim - "Slowly. If they see the light go out fast, they'll know we're here!"

We didn't make a sound. We slowly clicked the laptop shut... and crept to the front door and peered into the foyer. There were a lot of Barbarians traipsing around on our road. "Maybe they'll think we aren't home?," I asked. "Maybe," he said, "Maybe, they'll tell everyone else that too. Oh no! The garage door is wide open! They'll know we're here!" "No. No... maybe they'll just think we are idiotic people who leave our house wide open to the world."
They continued to walk around, waving their plastic bags. It was apparent that it was hard to walk with such garb. Parents kept up with their kids by creeping alongside the yards in their cars, flashers on, obviously embarrassed they allow their children to do this. We saw several teenagers not dressed up at all, but still asking for candy. Lame.
"We're trapped like rats," Jim said. "Hey! Do you still want to go somewhere?"
"Yes. Definitely."
"Let's do it. Get a sweatshirt."
Getting ready to go takes longer in a pitch black house. But we managed... with occasional short bursts of on-off light activity.
We crawled into our garage, slipped into the truck, and fled. And it's a good thing too. Their reinforcements were trudging up the hill towards our subdivision.


Nasada said...

I want to one year scare the "barbarian horde"
one year.I will.

With somebody.OR else I will get scared myself.

S. W. K. said...

ah, i guess that's one nice thing about living in a big-city, inaccessible apartment.

Owl of the Desert said...

Girl, that's too funny. I heard a friend give a good answer. On Saturday night, you could have told them you were waiting until Sunday, and on Sunday you tell them they missed it and you had already celebrated on Saturday. Of course, you still have to face the "barbarians".