Monday, July 12, 2010

"Good" food?

My Mom's catscan was last week....

For those of you who didn't know, she opted to not do chemo and go on a diet. A very radical diet with a ton of supplements (enzymes that wage war with cancer cells like Eomer with the Urak Hai). I mean radical. Only raw food for a month. No meat. No bread. No pasta or cheese. And absolutely, positively NO SUGAR.

And my Mom did it. She continued to cook the "good" food for us and ate salads, smoothies, and drank the juice that had been in solid form just that morning. Our refrigerator overflowed with goodness: Avocados, radishes, okra, sprouts, blueberries, strawberries, fresh pineapple, mango, lemons, celery, carrots, red and yellow and green bell pepper.... wonderful, colorful foods!
She took her food with her when we ate out. She cooked a fourth of July meal with barbequed chicken, baked beans with brown sugar, potatoe salad, chips, dips, multiple desserts.... and ate her salad. It was an amazing show of character and will.

A lot of people didn't understand that she was fighting cancer with food. How can you? If it's that "easy" why does chemo even exist?

Well.... to tell you the truth, our idea of health is crap. Really. You see, God created our bodies to take care of themselves. We're here to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever, remember? It's hard to glorify Him when we're having a hard time breathing or we're too fat to get off of the couch. We have an amazing ability to heal, to fight, and to endure a lot of stuff.... IF we are supplying the armory. But we don't. We opt for healthy by not putting cheese on our burger. We drink diet Cokes and think that our bodies will appreciate it. We fry everything!! in oils that have been so chemically messed with our bodies don't know how to break it down, thus storing these extra deposits anywhere they can find a spot. God put what we need to live in the foods that grow naturally. It's all there! Vitamins, enzymes, natural flora, tastiness.... He saw that it was all good and wanted us to enjoy it. HIS food is in a format that the human body knows how to handle. It can break everything down and use all of it... it's amazing!

And Mom's catscan? The mass has reduced in size by 50%. It doubled the month before the diet... and now it's halfway gone! Her oncologist was laughing on the phone when he told her. "The radiologist wants to know what in the world you are doing.... because it's working!"

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Honey, the mustache?

Did I blog about UP? The Pixar movie that turned me into a blubbering mess in the first ten minutes? No? Yes?


Well. I watched Toy Story 3 last Saturday. And I .... uh.... cried. Yes. Once again, over a cartoon. It was sad though. I mean.... Andy.... grown up.... not playing.... attic or trash?.... I won't spoil it, but I cried.

Pixar is seriously doing an amazing job with making movies for families. A plot with great development of characters, pretty clear lines between good and bad guys, excellent animation, lessons to be learned, the hero falling then picking himself back up.... all the while dialogue that adults enjoy without being inappropriate.

Some of the great lines:
Molly just threw her Barbie into the donation box -
Jessie - "Oh. Poor Barbie."
Ham - "I get the Corvette!"

Mr. Potatoe Head - "It was horrible! They threw me in a box with sand and Lincoln Logs!"
Ham - "I don't think those were Lincoln Logs."