Monday, March 15, 2010

With all my heart, yes

So.... not only does he love me, he wants me to be his wife.

He says he owes me fourteen kids and two oreos.

The ring is beautiful. He picked it out by himself.

But more importantly, Jim's heart's desire is Christ... and then me.

I am so glad I'm not first.

So, hold fast to Christ. And if I may be so bold.... please pray for us.


elliebird said...

beautiful ring.
beautiful day.
happy happy happy.

Anonymous said...

I'd ask for a few more oreos. Just a few...

Saura Lnow said...

Jim has good taste in rings that two oreos a day? or just two oreos?

Much happiness to you both!Muah!!!

e davis said...

I love the ring, the picture, and the message!! We are soooo happy for you both!!!

Love you,

Max-Frederick said...

Yes, happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy!

GORGEOUS ring, he did a GOOD job :)

And y'all will definitely be in our prayers!