Thursday, February 25, 2010

reporting off

I am beginning to realize that no matter what kind of day you have had on a hospital floor, when it is time for the shift change.... everything happens. Room 222, who hasn't pooped since his third birthday, suddenly develops explosive diarrhea. Someone's heart stops beating (how dare they?). Maintenance cannot figure out how to make the fire alarms go off so the big, swinging doors keep opening and shutting automatically while we have to go around and shut all patient doors. After shutting said doors, Ms. 289 beings to shriek, "OPEN MY DOOR! OPEN MY DOOR!" So, very professionally we explain to her that no, we can't open her door. Ring ring. This is Amy. Oh, he just yanked his IV from his arm? ... and he wants his IV pain medicine? Of course.

Five minutes before reporting off:
"Hey Mrs. Hoffleman (please know I made that up), what's up?"
"I need you to change my bag."
"Wow. Already? I just changed it.... let me see.... um... there really isn't that much in there."
"I know. But I wanted you to change it one more time before you leave for the night, since you do such a good job."
Yay. Just like Christmas.


Anonymous said...

maybe i did choose the right career...

sarah (wellskaufman)