Thursday, February 11, 2010

i will

I know, I know... I haven't blogged in a while. Okay, over a month.
The truth is, I haven't been doing much of anything. People keep telling me, "You've worked hard! You deserve a break." I gladly believed that excuse for a while. Well, it's been 6 months since I've graduated and 4 since I've passed the NCLEX. Time to wake up. The Sabbatical is over, Amy. Just last week I asked Mom and Dad to come up with things they would like for me to do, i.e. large projects, school duties with Asa and Anna, books to read.... whatever. I've been lounging for 6 months and it has reached the shaming point. My piano skills are digging holes, my time with God is short, my time with my littls sister is reluctant, I'm not fixing our room, I'm not reading good books, I'm not stretching my mind, I'm not taking over meals ... yuck.

So.... with a lot of effort, this sloth is going to get her rear in gear and it's going to start by getting up in the morning. Yeah, I've worked three 13 hour shifts in a row. I'm young. I'll survive. So, pray for me please. Seriously. Because my days have not glorified Christ recently.

1) I need a schedule
2) I need a budget
3) I need to take over meals big time
4) I need to love Anna
5) I need to tackle hard books (Narnia is not hard... this will be tough)
6) I want to get in shape, seriously
7) These are not in order of importance because I want to grow closer to Jesus

And I just realized that if I'm really as tired as I say I am and am going to get up up up in the morning, then I need to go to bed. Now.
Good night.

P.S. The boy loves me. He told me so.


elliebird said...

my heart just got really happy.

Owl of the Desert said...

My mouth just dropped in a really big smile at that last line. :-)

I love your list, Amy. Will be praying and try to be encouraging. Maybe we could encourage each other. I've been out almost 4 years, and I'm way, way behind on my list of things I would like to accomplish.

Whitney said...

10,000 rays of happy thoughts just got flung towards your direction.
(ha. no pun on the name of my blog...haha)
The last line?

Heck. Yeah.

Max-Frederick said...

Mmm yeah. That last line. is. happiness :)

Seriously, I was just randomly thinking about you.. (not to sound creepy at ALL) But I was going to comment and tell you how i missed your entertaining posts.. no matter what.. i just wanted you to post again :)

So good luck to you.

Your plan sounds so good...
(can we blame some of the laziness on winter?? cause i think that definitely affects it too... maybe??)

Saura Lnow said...

That was nice of the boy

Ethne said...

that's just terrible of your brothers not to tell you more often.

Anonymous said...

just NOW??!!

pwp said...

I love the brother boy's response!

the brother boy's mom

rachel tsunami said...

wow. seriously wow. to all of it. go, go, go.

Anonymous said...

Being productive is overrated. To-do lists need to relax. Love is all that matters, and he's a person