Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wild Things in Wonderland

In case you don't remember every single one of my past blogs, I was very excited about this movie.
Yes. Was. I'm sorry, KR... I didn't like it.

Do you remember watching Alice in Wonderland as a child? Did it bother you? That movie scared me when I was little.... the drowning doorknob, the way she tore up the house when she got big, the path-sweeping dog, the oysters who got eaten, the chaos of the mad hatter...the helter-skelter of it all just bothered me. Watching it with an adult brain just makes me think, "What were these people on?" Although the mad hatter cracks me up now("Mustard?! Oh yes!! Mustard!"). And by the way, they are making a real version of it. And guess who plays the Mad Hatter? Yeah, I know THAT was hard. Thanks, Mr. Depp. I'm going to have nightmares over your getup.

Anyway... Wild Things was kind of like that. Ten minutes into it and I was like, "This had better get a lot better." What exactly was the monster's problem? Why was he bashing through their houses? What happened to Bob and Terry? Why were they even brought into it? I got the whole "The wild things are representing the problems the boy is experiencing" drift, but besides that... nothing was really solved. Max left and I don't think the wild things were any better. There were some rather dark moments I wasn't expecting for a kids movie: the threat to eat Max, the chase through the woods, the arm/wing being torn off, the hiding place INSIDE the monster... weird.

But, that being said... I'll still be your friend if you like it.

P.S. The soundtrack, however, was moving.


Saura Lnow said...

I'm just glad Ridley didn't puke when she pulled Max back out of her stomach

Margaret Mead said...

Well you already know that i did like it..and just a thought...

I thinkthe reason nothing was solved and it didn't always make sense was because families are never solved...there IS alwayssomething else...but they are your family, and even youleave you always come back...and even when someone tears your arm off youstill love them because they are your family. They are loud and annoying and irrational and disfunctional and jealous. But ...ok i think you get it.

PLus i thought there was a rather moving agrument for the absolute importance of mothers. Families don't need kings, they need mothers.

anyway! hope the next movie yousee you like more!


monolog said...

Mustard?! Don't let's be silly. Lemon, that's different.

AIW disturbed me as a kid as well.

Max-Frederick said...

I like what Mags said..
She makes a very good point.

And even though it definitely wasn't what I was expecting.. I still liked the movie :)

Amy said...

Hmm. Well said, Miss Mead.

Owl of the Desert said...

I haven't seen it yet, but I definitely plan to. So, I'll let you know when I see it. I did read through the book again just last night.

And, I'm also completely excited about the new AIW with Johnny Depp. Of course, Tim Burton is directing it, so it has a slightly different background (Alice is older, and while escaping her wedding falls back into Wonderland but doesn't remember it.) The pictures of it look great, though.