Friday, October 16, 2009

In summary

This week, I sat in a classroom for 7-8 hours everyday, from Monday through Friday. But, for the first time ever, I am being paid WHILE sitting there. It's a pretty strange feeling.
I learned various things. Things like:

1) Stupid errors kill patients everyday
2) I am now scared out of my mind
3) Some people think they are allergic to their water pill because it makes them pee
4) If you figure out a way to go around the hospital's mistake-flagging-computer, they will hang you out to dry for the lawyers to bite your legs off
5) I am considering using slip knots to restrain my children
6) All hospital mannequins look like they died in a silent scream
7) Never rush into the MRI room with a fire extinguisher in your hand. The magnet will yank it away and it will rocket down the tunnel and probably kill the patient
8) Also, don't bring any guns to the hospital


Androphenese said...

#7 is probably the one I find most most informing. and #3.

Phoenix Rising said...

#7. Really?