Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We are currently 384,000 years in debt

If you want to watch the ticking numbers of our country's national debt, go here.

My parents subscribe to WORLD magazine and there was an explanation of the number one trillion. I mean, we hear it used all of the time... but I didn't realize how big this number was until I read this.

Let's say these numbers were seconds and we are rewinding back in time.

1 million = 12 days ago
1 billion = 30 years ago

1 trillion = 30,000 B.C.


S. W. K. said...

excuse me while I run down the street and burn Obama's house down for his contribution to this mess.

Dodger of Sheep said...

"A trillion. You understand this number?"

monolog said...

who said that, Dodger?

Dodger of Sheep said...

Captain Algren, speaking to Katsumoto in The Last Samurai. Cept he said "million."

Owl of the Desert said...

It's insane, insane, insane. I saw a powerpoint explaining a trillion, using $100 bills. It was unbelievable.