Friday, August 28, 2009

munch munch

I took my grandparents to the doctor's office yesterday. We stopped and picked up sandwiches and drove to their house to eat them. This was a portion of our conversation:

Pepaw: I have to get mine checked... it's a... a.... um....
Me: Blood pressure?
Pepaw: Naw.... a... it's a .... well dang. I forgot.
Me: I have no idea.
Pepaw: Your daddy has one. He gets it checked every
Me: My daddy? Every month?
Memaw walks over from the phone.
Pepaw: What's that thing called? I get it checked every month on the radio?
Me: Radio?
Memaw: Your pacemaker.
Pepaw: Yeah! Pacemaker. Anyway, I get it checked every month with a radio over the phone. It's a new way. Your grandpa has to go into the doctor every month.
Me: Oh! Grandpa, not daddy!
Pepaw: Yeah. No.
Mewaw: We just have to hook it up to the phone and they can check it... every six months.
Me: Every six months?
Memaw: Yeah.
Pepaw: Yeah. Oh.... I said every month didn't I?
Memaw: Yes. Every month.
Pepaw: Anyway, your Grandpa, he has to go in every month but I only have to go in every six months.

Thees hos been a gude convehsation.


Anonymous said...

Your Grandpa hooks up to the phone to have his checked also. HHmmm...

rachel tsunami said...

Amy, This just made me howl. A belly laugh on a Saturday afternoon. Just right.

I think it is the familiarity with this experience that got my funny bone. We just spent last weekend with Robert's folks. I love it.