Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dear precious family,

I am so homesick I can barely stand it.

I miss people singing at the top of their lungs, huge, garden dinners, picking blueberries, and tripping over Jack. I miss Dad kissing Mom in the kitchen as we all pretend not to watch. I miss sharing my bedroom with my little sister, my opinion being asked by my brothers, and seeing Alisa and Jeff on Sundays. I've missed knowing my way around in the kitchen and talking with Mom. I miss Dad coming up the stairs in the evening, home for the night.

I cannot wait to see you all tomorrow.

Love, Amy


S. W. K. said...

such a sweet post :) i've never met the rest of your family but they sound wonderful.

Dennis said...

Glad for you to be near too.........BUT the deck still isn't finished. Told the guys we were getting up at 5:00 (when Ryan does)in an all out blitz to drive nails and complete. Needless to say there was some real moaning..........Pete O'bryant came over this afternoon to help with the steps. He made the process of cutting step 'stringers' look so easy.