Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thank you seems so inadequate

Sixty-five years ago today, my great-uncle flung himself off a boat into the water to escape the shrapel mowing down the soldiers packed inside. He jumped too early and nearly drowned. He slogged to shore, found another gun, and gradually made his way further in and behind cover. He was then yanked to his feet by a commanding officer and ordered behind a machine gun, where the average lifespan was anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. He manned it for 5 hours. And I don't know anymore of the story, you see, because he started crying. He looked at Ryan and said, "You're bringing up a lot of bad memories, son."

I can not grasp anything that horrible. Something so vivid, that 65 years later, it could still make me cry.


Nasada said...

uncle lynn? and when did he do this?

Amy said...

65 years ago. Duh. :)

Nasada said...

har har..seriously when did yall see him and he explained it? not THAT night was it?