Sunday, June 7, 2009

maybe the microwave?

Last night, there were 6 beautifully created home-made pizzas waiting for the oven to heat up. But it did not. The oven decided to not heat up. And suddenly, everyone was really really hungry. My mom was sitting on the floor watching the non-working appliance. "It's not gonna do it," she said. "It's not going to get hot enough." Five minutes later she said it again. "Okay," I said. "We can handle this. Let's load them up, and take them to our neighbors oven and offer to share them."
"No, Amy! I'm not going to load all of these things up."
"Mom... they are ready to be cooked. They have to be cooked."
"Well, I'm not going to carry them somewhere."
"Okay...well... we could go outside and build a really hot fire and cook them over that." (I said I was hungry, okay?)
Mom just gave the "Are you really my offspring?" look.
"Well... fine!"

Dad called and was told the devastating news.
Dad- "Well, just take them over to somebody's house."
Ryan - "Amy suggested that already."
Dad - "Okay then... how about a fire outside?"
Ryan - "Uh.... already be said. That would be a no."
Dad - "Well fine."

Mom got two "well fines" and no more suggestions and figured out how to use the little bit of temperature the oven was producing, along with the warming drawer to cook the pizzas. Saved. Dibs to her.


Katie said...

This happened to our family once when we were all, children and spouses of my older bros and sisters included, having a party here and we had decided to do only homemade pizzas. Like, nothing else in the house except pringles. And then, the power went out right before it was time to cook the pizzas. Like, out all over the county. There was no neighbor's oven... believe me, we called everybody we could think of. And the kids were hungry, and the men were grouchy, and it was basically a great bonding time to think about what we would do if WWIII came along and we were in a concentration camp starving with a few beet slices to divide among the twenty of us. In the end, we ordered gross pizza from our local pizza hut. Our filthy local pizza hut. Yeah. Anyway, you probably didn't want to hear all that, but your story made me think of that fun time.

Dodger of Sheep said...

I think you are confusing "dibs" with "props".
You call dibs on something you want: "Dibs on the last cookie!"
You give props to someone who's done a good job: "Props to Mom for saving the pizzas."
I only say something because you did it on your idiom post, too.

monolog said...

I agree with Dodger. And while we're on the subject of words misused, let me just spread the word to anyone reading that "kudos" is not the plural of the word "kudo." It's a Greek singular noun meaning "fame and renown," or "praise given for an achievement, and properly pronounced ˈkü-ˌdäs. The un-debated question is whether effective communication trumps proper usage, or vice-versa.

S. W. K. said...

i like pizza.

Amy said...

Kudos and dibs to Sarah and Katie.

Geez, having such intelligent friends who back each other up in correcting me is a real walk in the park.