Sunday, May 3, 2009

$10 bucks I'm studying

I need a wardrobe to walk through. You know, just a 30 year break to rule over centaurs, fauns, and dwarfs as queen.

I want to skip across a field and to accidentally get my best friend drunk on strawberry cordial. Or for Gilbert Blythe to tell me he's sorry.

I would like a tour of Petronius's villa, while Vinicius is visiting.

I wish the Borrowers lived in my walls. I would talk to Arrietty. Even though Pod and Homily might not like it.

I want to listen in on the Council of Elrond.

Two more tests... two more tests... and only one more semester. Thank you, God.


Roads & Bridges said...

it's funny how you and i have the same sort of thought sometimes.
you should read my blog...if you haven't already.

on to june said...

I would say your best bet is to find the boy in the program with the most ridiculous name, provoke some bullies to chase you, and then try to hide from them. That has worked before in other awful school situations. Just make sure you follow Aslan's instructions to the letter when you get there. :)

Amy said...

there are some pretty funny names... but they don't deserve them.

what a day to be alive said...

amy, this is kristin riley. these thoughts are in me, also. i just watched the borrowers yesterday and wished with all of my heart that i would look down and see one running across the floor.