Saturday, April 4, 2009

of course we totally don't keep anything

My Dad and brothers mow a cemetary. They have to clean off the graves periodically. I mean, it just starts to look bad when the fake flowers mildew, the real ones rot, the balloons wilt, the vases fall over and crack, wires rust... etc. etc. etc. A lot of stuff is thrown away.

Alisa: "Oh! I saw these vases at Wal-Mart! They were only 97 cents!"
Asa: "You can get them for free at the cemetary."


Elyow'eynay said...

Well now Asa was just trying to think Green. He was recycling not wishing to waste those vases, and having them rot in a dump for millions of years. Good job Asa. You're just trying to save your planet.

monolog said...