Monday, April 13, 2009

I've heard it's a hard language

Today, I had to spend the day with a school nurse. Two Hispanic children came in, the little boy with huge Bambi eyes, the slightly older girl, holding his arm.

Nurse: What's wrong?
Boy's eyes only get bigger
Nurse: "Are you okay?"
Girl: "She's sick. She's says she doesn't feel good."
Other woman in office (OWIO): "HE, honey. HE's a boy. Say HE."
Girl: "Yes."
Boy sits down and nurse takes his temperature
Nurse: " You don't have a temperature. Can you tell me how you feel? Does anything hurt?"
Huge tears are rolling down his cheeks
Girl: "She said she wasn't sick at her house."
OWIO and nurse: "HE. This is a HE."
Nurse: "Will you ask him in Spanish what's wrong?"
Girl speaks quietly to boy and he responds
Girl: "She says she is sick."
Nurse: "Ask him where it hurts?"
More quiet murmuring
Girl: " She says it isn't here." (tapping her head)
Nurse, sighing: "Honey... are you tired of school? Do you want to go home?"
Boy nods
Girl: "She didn't feel this way at her home."

They were so precious. The little translator, botching the pronouns, yet closer to mastering two languages than I am... and her ward, eyelashes brushing his eyebrows, completely oblivious that he was being called a girl, homesick.


Owl of the Desert said...

That is precious. Poor kiddo.