Monday, March 23, 2009

soft and quilted, please

"Mom, we're out of milk."
"Okay. I'm going to the store later this week. You'll survive."

"Mom, this is the last loaf of bread."
"Goodness! I just bought some! Well, I'm not going into town until Wednesday, so I'll get it then."

"Hey! MOMMMM! Who ate all the bananas?!"
"Everybody likes them, you know that. Eat a carrot."

"The dog food is gone, Mom."
"He'll survive on table scraps until we go to the store."

"Mom, we're out of toilet paper."
"..... ...... ......"
"I'll get the keys."


amelie said...


Dodger of Sheep said...

A Wiseman once said that the necessities in life are measured by how much inconvenience you are willing to go through for them.

Toilet paper? Necessity.
Food? Apparently not.

Johnnie said...

"mom, we're out of table scraps."

alisa said...

you SAID you were going to buy more of that before they came home.

but don't worry. i won't tell mom.

Dennis said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! Hard to believe that the stuff (toilet paper) was only invented about 100 years ago.