Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No, YOU are the one not "cut out" for this

Professors/faculty who discourage and demean students, who are uncompassionate, unmerciful, and do not respond to urgent emails or phone calls for four days should be shot. Why, yes, I think you should have to "justify" your delayed response. I know I am "just" a student, but the students pay your salary. Oh... and I would suggest purchasing some kind of exercise equipment with that money. You really should lose some weight before teaching any more classes about the troubles of obesity.
I would really love to give a speech at graduation about this program. Because it's not what everybody thinks it is.


S. W. K. said...

amen, sister.

i could write the same speech about the program i am STUCK in at my university.

i sent a chapter to my adviser three weeks ago. i've given up on the "timeline" thing: i'm getting a full time job and getting on with my life.

screw them.

S. W. K. said...

btw, EXCELLENT title- explains it all, perfectly!