Saturday, March 21, 2009

70 and older

Have you ever played Catch Phrase with old people? You should.

SHREK : "Oh! Oh! Oh! It swims in the water and scares people!"

YOGI BEAR: "Okay...okay... you can eat it, and it lives in a park and carries a picnic basket."
Later - "Eat it?! You can't eat Yogi!"
"No, but you do eat yogurt."
Of course. I was totally with you on that line of reasoning.

PICK UP STICKS - (mumbled) "Pick up sticks.....hmmmm."

RICE - "Mexicans eat this a lot!"

I was crying with laughter.


S. W. K. said...'s funny how some people's minds work..

Jim said...

this is great! but i'm not sure it resembles that productive studying you were talking about... ;-)