Thursday, March 12, 2009

Brad who?

I think I was born a couple of decades too late. I am not obsessed, infatuated, or lustful. I just think they were good-looking men. Very very good-looking.

Five o'clock shadow... coming up!

Mr. Built-for-a-Tux

Sir Cool, Always and Forever
- seriously, did he ever play any kind of comedic role?

Connery= Smashing.... even old.... even in a kilt and old.

Best when sweating

The hat is perfect.

Made tap dancing look like the way to win the ladies

Mr. Practically Perfect in Every Way - in my mind at least


S. W. K. said...

i <3 cary grant.

amelie said...

#1. My Granddad looked like James Garner. No joke.
#4. George Clooney reminds me of him a little bit. But Sean Connery pretty much whups.
#5. I've had a crush on him ever since the first time I saw Magnificent Seven.
#6. Who is that? My computer won't let the picture show.
#8. Wins.

Amy said...

Sarah, i never knew you were a Cary Grant fan.

Green eyes, I knew you would be one of the first to comment. Number
6 is Yul Brynner. Another Magnificent Seven man. And Gregory Peck blows my mind. This particular picture of him doesn't help. Which is why Roman Holiday is so devastating... when she walks around the corner? I'm sitting there going, "C'mon... c'mon! He loves you! He's waiting in that truck! How could you NOT?!"

Anonymous said...

is number four really sean connery?? it doesnt look like him.. :D

Laura said...

I had a dream about Cary Grant and Gregory Peck once....I still have no idea how it happened but it was pretty cool was in black and white too